Wedding Anniversary: One Year Later

Guess what!? We made it! Today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary! One year ago today, we were prepping for the most important day of our lives and a lifelong commitment. I could not have asked for a better partner in life. <3 

Once we had became engaged in late November 2017, we received advice from our many friends and relatives. Two of which was Marriage is hard, and how important it is to grow with love and not grow apart. 

In our first year, we have learned that marriage is hard. It has so many beautiful moments, and it's lovely being able to come home to someone who cares enough to know about your day, and has your back at all times. What makes marriage hard, at least from what we have learned this year, is to compromise. Being able to practice the art of compromising and balance between both of us is sometimes tougher to chew. 

The second piece, to grow together with love and not apart, is specifically true. I feel more in-love with Ivan than I did the day I married him. In this one year, we have worked HARD to both reach our goal of owning a home at the end of our lease. It was not easy and we both had many nights where we sat down and worked out our finances to come up with a system that would help us reach that goal. The fact that we worked together, and we both supported each other, is a step towards growing together and strengthening our love for each other. This is just one example of our experience we had this year, but we have had many smaller situations similar in which we continue to support each other. 

Our marriage is far from perfect, but it's been amazing. I love being married to my best friend and my number one supporter. I am very much looking forward to the rest of our lives together, and I hope we continue down this path of growing in love. 

Photography by Williams and Klein

Photography by Williams and Klein

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