Celebrating Women's International Day!

Celebrating Women's International Day!

Well aren't we amazing :)

Women's International Day - Dallas Bloggers

Growing up being a woman has it's challenges. Growing up being a hispanic woman has had even GREATER challenges. However, I feel confident that I've grown to be judged by my intellectual abilities rather than looks or race. Although, I will add, I have felt the stress of trying to prove your worth. 

I especially felt this when I began working for corporate as a Regional of Sales and Marketing. Most of the executives were men, and those that weren't were older women. I never felt 100% age discrimination from those women, but it was inevitable that at times there was a "you're too young to know this" punch line or two. Regardless, I always kept working and working hard. Being the youngest female and Latina of the group, was enough motivation for me to do one hell of a job. Which is why I did get the promotion to Regional. 

That job has ended since October 2017, but my due diligence to work hard has not. 

Celebrating Women's Empowerment Month is something I don't celebrate for this one month only. I honor it year after year and stay empowered. 

Womens International Day

Make Good Life Choices

One of the ways in which I stay empowered, is to continue to decide to make choices that are good for my family and for myself. I try to create a balance of what I need, and what I need to do to achieve my family's needs. I've come to learn when you make good, healthy choices... the results of those decision are positively impactful. In a nutshell, setting a path of successful good choices, makes you feel good. 

Take time to Live for Yourself

Simply put. Take care of yourself because no one will do it for you. Yes, (of course) your kids are important. Yes, you need to get things done before the new week starts! But please take at least 5 min out of your day, or out of the week just for you. I say 5 min, but obviously it could be more. It could be an hour. I truly believe that you shouldn't get lost in the mix of what life brings because then you lose your sense of self. You might be thinking, how does this make me feel empowered? Staying true to yourself and knowing who you are, helps you live consciously. It's the best thing we can do for ourselves in todays' society. 

Set Goals for Yourself

I don't think I've ever navigated life without having goals and a plan to achieve them in place. I've have spontaneous moments where I don't know where things will go, but I do always have in mind an idea of where I want life to take me. Achieving goals, in my perspective, helps me stay productive. I heard a Podcast this morning "12 Things Successful People Do Differently" and one of those was to be productive not busy. I truly believe setting goals, helps me stay focused and remain productive. Being productive makes me feel good and purposeful. When I don't achieve a goal, I try not to be so hard on myself because it's human to be imperfect. If I can achieve at least 3 out of the 5 goals I set for myself... to me that's success. So don't worry about conquering all goals, give yourself credit for staying productive. 

Always be the Better Person

This one was tough to develop! I am an outspoken person, however at the same time... I'm observant and patient. There have been many situations in which I want to just scream my head off because of the flight response we are ingrained to have. Instead, sometimes being polite is being the better person. I have come to realize that at the end of the day, it's better for the other person to deal with their personality or imperfections that hurtfully impact others and know that whatever I do I always try to mean well. There is a saying that goes "kill them with kindness" and that's something that I always keep in mind when I encounter someone who is wrongfully treating me with some form of rudeness or disrespect. 

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Build Your Empire

Surround yourself with the things you imagine will work for you in your life. Another way to put this is, "Live the life you have imagined". Find good friends that treat you well, friends that don't judge but embrace you for who you are. Find that apartment or house that allows you to live within your means and still be able to travel (or do whatever you want!), find that partner that you can grown old with and not grow out of love with, nourish relationships with your family (or ask forgiveness from broken relationships to heal your soul), work and set goals to achieve your goal, and finally be the person that you'd enjoy to hang out with. Develop your world in which you want to enjoy. You only are on this earth for a short while.

Don't be Competitive

As humans, its natural to compare oneself with others. In this case, don't get caught up with the comparison. You are unique and have something to offer that only you know how. When I first started my fashion and lifestyle blog, I thought to myself how I was starting yet ANOTHER fashion blog... but I realized that the way I style an outfit, or the experiences I have had is different to others. Fashion bloggers don't all have the same style and each outfit is different. So go forth with your aspirations and try not to compare yourself. 

As women, it's also important to embrace each other differences. My time with corporate work, I have always had at least one "older" woman who disliked me for reasons unknown. Usually though from what I have been told, Its because "you're young". I have decided that as I get older, I don't want to be that kind of older working woman. Our young people having amazing skills and have so much to offer.  I don't want to grow into that older working women who is jealous of the younger gal in the office. It just sounds so ridiculous and not productive! 

I hope you celebrate Women's International Day with so much joy and dignity! 

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Who inspires you? What are your women empowerment stories? 

Vanessa in Dallas