Packing for Ireland: Traveling for Our 1-week Honeymoon!

The time has come where we had to pre-pack our bags to Ireland for our honeymoon! We live in Dallas but we will be getting married in McAllen so literally we need to go prepared! We will not have time to get married, come back home, and then head to Ireland so This. Is. It! 


We booked our honeymoon through where we found a pretty sweet deal for a St. Patricks Day Tour. I've heard Ireland is beautiful so we are ditching the beach and headed out to be with the Irish! I run into this a lot when I try to pack. The "issue" is always, what should I pack? If you are like me, most trips and places that you visit you want to bring a souvenir for EVERYONE! Which is why I need to pack just right. I also had this urge to take my whole closet so to speak.

For this trip to Ireland, I had to plan what to take, versus just grabbing this or that. Today, I'm showing you how to pack for a trip without over doing it. 

TRUST ME, I want to take my whole closet! 

2 basic t-shirts

I am taking a black and white top because basics work very well with mixing and match. They are long sleeve because the weather in Ireland is actually going to be really cold! I will definitely be wearing a tank top underneath these tops, and probably layer with a scarf and my coat. 

1 pair of leggings and 2 pair of Jeans

I will be wearing my blue jeans with my Wifey blouse on the way over to Ireland so this outfit won't be packed in our bags quite yet :) the other jean mixes well with the white top and black scarf, or with the black top and my black flats and my coat. The leggings can be worn with the plaid dress and black flats, or with the white top and brown boots layered with my coat and leopard scarf (not shown). 

1 dress

I love my plaid red and black dress! I love how it's interchangeable meaning I can wear it as a dress, a long shirt, or tie a knot at the front as wear it as a shirt. It also has long sleeves that I can roll up to keep cool, or leave rolled down to stay warm. In this case, they will be rolled down!

1 sweater/coat

I am actually taking one of each. The coat I will carry with me on my carry on, and the sweater I'll be wearing most likely. Since it's going to be really cold, these 2 items I can definitely layer over with a variety of the items i'm taking. 

1 pair of Boots/Booties

I am taking my tall, over the knee boots so I can wear with jeans and my white top with my plaid dress over unbuttoned, with the black scarf. OR I can wear the black boots with stockings and my dress if we want to go out to a nice dinner! I'm also packing my little brown booties for a more casual look with jeans and a white top. I'm telling you there are so many ways I can wear these pieces with mixing and matching. 

1 pair of flats/Tennis

I am going to take wear my flats on the plane and I will take 1 pair of tennis because we are going on a tour and I'm sure we will do a lot of outdoor walking! 

1 set of sleep clothes 

I am taking a set of pajamas with a t-shirt and then switching out the bottoms with a grey pajama pant. 

Don't forget the underwear! (TMI?) 

Because I have forgotten it many many times before, this was the first thing I did! 

Travel Toiletries

Of course. 


I'm taking everyday jewelry such as studs, a simple necklace and bracelets to mix and match with. My sunglasses are a must and the extras such as my, prescription glasses, 2 scarves (one print and one basic black scarf) and 1 cross-body purse shown above. 

A Good book and Activities   

I am not forgetting to take the international plug ins and some fun activities to keep us entertained on the plane :) 

This is Ivan's first trip abroad and second for me! The last time I went to Bolivia for an internship and was there fore 2 months. It was such an amazing experience and while I am VERY excited to go, I'm even more excited to be with my soon-to-be new husband! Pictures of our trip will be up shortly after! For now, keep up with me through instastories for the day of the wedding insight followed by the honeymoon trip to Ireland @vanessaindallas !

Until the next time!