Coat Check! The Last Warm Look of the Season


Hi guys! 

So if you have been following my instastories, I have posted bits and pieces of our new place :) Once everything is in it's place, I will definitely give you all a tour! For now we have an extra bed sitting in our living room (we plan to give it to my sister towards the end of March), and lots of bags and boxes lying around! We will definitely hire movers next time! My body is still recovering from being on the GO all this weekend. Needless to say, I LOVE our new place. It's modern, spacious and most of all I feel safe and comfortable. There is just something about being on the 2nd floor that makes all the difference. Thank goodness for elevators though! 

While I may have taken today's outfit when it was really cold outside, I feel the need to share it with you as it is the last (i think) warm weathered outfit for this season! Spring is just about here, so you have been warned about all the "Springy" looks that follow! 

Who else is Killin' It today ? I absolutely love this body suit with this message. It's a boost of confidence! 

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Wedding update: 11 more days until I become Mrs. Luna! With all the moving that I was focusing on, it's just now starting to sink in. This weekend we start packing for our Honeymoon! I then Leave Monday and Ivan leaves Thursday of next week! Which means we only have these next few days to get things in order while we are together. I am going to share with you what I am packing to Ireland next, as well as after wedding details! Stay with me while the next few days will be hectic. truth be told, i'm so worried about the weather! I will be documenting on instastories @vanessaindallas .  Ciao for now!