My Favorite Little White Dress (LWD)


Happy Hump Day! 

The latest news? I got a new iPhone 7 Plus! This is a huge deal because I like small, compact pieces of technology. I have a 11.5 inch screen MacBook Air that I love! And I had an iPhone 5S for the past 4 years, which is smaller than the 5.5 screen iPhone 6S that my fiancé has. When I got the iPhone 7 Plus yesterday, I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision. However, approximately 1.5 hours later.... I began to warm up to it! The camera is pretty good, and just in time to take some beautiful shots in Ireland for our honeymoon happening soon! 

Anyway! In a few days, it'll be one month since I've had my bridal shower. I didn't know what style of dress I wanted, but I knew it had to be classy! First I was going to go with a white lace crop top, with a high waisted white chiffon skirt......BUT then my eyes spotted this dress and I knew it was the one! 

I've been very much into flare sleeves lately! I love how these add a touch of elegance to the overall look! 

Another part of this dress that I loved, is the length. No more mini nothings! Up to the knee or outer thigh is appropriate for the occasion! 

Shop some of my Little White Dress favorites! 

Less than 3 weeks away & i'll be wearing another kind of white dress! Until the next time!