Spreading the Love with a Sequenced Heart (Post Vday Outfit)

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!

I'm going to be completely honest. I ordered a red jumpsuit that has awesome "lady gaga" like sleeves and it did not fit! I sadly had to return it and come up with a last minute alternative for a Valentine's day outfit. 

We decided this year (last minute) to eat a casual restaurant called Lazy Dog and came home annnndddd ...you guessed it. I worked on my blog, while he prepped for work. lol. Simple i know, but there are reasons to why we decided to go this route. Check yesterday blog post for details! 

So no, technically I didn't get to wear this out... BUT if i would of gone somewhere for Valentine's day, this would of been the outfit! 

What do you all think? Cute and casual seems to fit the bill. :) 

My pop of color is adding this sequence heart which is perfect for when you are on the go, want to carry lightly or even appropriate for your daughter or best friend! 

I decided to add a red scarf just to change up the look and to give you another outfit idea! 

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P.S. How did you spend your Valentines Day!? What did you wear!? Casual or fancy? Comments below! :D