DIY Rustic Style Flower Girl Baskets

I know I probably should of posted this for Throw Back Thursday...BUT I am excited to finally put together a special blog showcasing just a few of the several DIY I contributed to the wedding. 

First of all, you need to understand that I NEVER do DIYs and this wedding brought it out of me. Which is why I MUST share with you how I pulled off creating these flower girl baskets which as you can see in my recent blog "Love is Sweet: Wedding Details", that these baskets added the right elegant touch as they walked down the isle throwing petals! 



What you need:

Tin Basket (make sure it has handles) 

Greenery artiicial leaves

Artificial Hydreangea (or flower of your choice)

Chalk Marker

Brown Stick Wire

Brown Coiled Wire

Glue Gun with glue sticks (not shown)

Step 1: Write your own saying on the tin basket. If your basket does not have a chalkboard to write on, I highly recommend purchasing a small separate piece of chalkboard which you can find at Michaels. Then glue it at the front of your basket after you've written with what you want to say.  

If you don't have the "best" handwriting... why not take a class? See how I learned calligraphy with Lyndsey Wright Designs

Step 2: Shape the Wiring. 

I purchased these 2 types of writing from Michaels. We are going to focus on the stick wiring and use the coil wiring later. This came in a pack of 6. I used only 3 as my handles for the basket. 

I started at one end of the basket, bent the wiring in to grasp the handle... then did the same thing on the other side. 


Don't worry about using all 6 wire sticks. You will be adding more grip with the coil wiring later. Make sure all the wiring is shaped in an upside down U so they measure the same. 

Step 3: Secure the Wire with the Glue Gun

Once you have measured and shaped the wiring, glue the end of the wiring with the bottom of the handle (as shown). 

Step 4: Wrapping with the Coil Wire


This part takes the longest to do with this project. Start at one end of the basket, and begin wrapping over and under the handle. Make sure the coil is wrapped around tightly! 

Note: On the next step you will undo the wrapping on each end of the handles just a bit to insert the floral, so do not GLUE the wrapping where it starts. 


Step 5: Inserting Floral

This is the part where you loosen up, just a bit, of the ends of each handle. I started with the handle on the left. Unwrap the coil to loosen a bit. Measure how far up or down you want to place your floral. 

Depending on how long the stem of your artificial flowers are, you might need to cut it with a wire cutter. OR in my case, I just used pliers my husband has in his toolbox :) They work just as well!

Once you measure how high or short you want your flowers places, rewrap the coil. You don't need to add more coil. Just rewrap using the same one you wrapped the handles in the first place. 

Step 6: Adding to your Basket Handle

This step is important in order to hide the glue gun residue from the first stick wires we used and the coil wrapping. By this time you should have extra coil wire available. Start by bending the coil wire from the inside of the handle as if tucking it in, so it doesn't appear sticking out. Then wrap over the handle tightly. The amount of wrapping that you put on the handle will be up to you. You can cover the whole handle if you wanted to! It would just take more coil wire. 

I decided just to cover the handles halfway, as I like the tin handles showing just a bit. 

Once you are done wrapping, you will use the glue gun again to securely glue the end of the wire. I highly recommend to "end" the wire wrapping by tucking it underneath. That is where you will glue it as well! That way, the glue residue won't appear on the outside. 

Here is the final result!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also recreated a Sign that I bought for $6 at a thrift store for our photobooth with Le Vintage Photobooth 

After some cleaning, sanding down, and dabbing with white paint with black chalkboard turned out quite beautiful! 

I would love to hear your feedback! Wishing you all a great day!