How to Wear Prints at Work


One of the things that I used to struggle with, was finding the appropriate prints to wear to work. I'll admit, sometimes I don't go as DRESSY to work as I do when I'm off the clock. 

Prints are so much fun and definitely should be brought into the work place! Today I'm talking about the perfect prints that are work approved and a few tips to get you started!


This print is perfect for work to pair with trousers or a pencil skirt, as I've styled it today. Should your work not allow sleeveless tops, finish this look with a grey cardigan or a blazer! Go for large or small polka dots, and make sure the style of the blouse is in a cut that looks more professional. Button up blouses with a print are an easy go-to for work! 


If you want to look tall and slim, go for vertical stripes. Keeping the stripes black and white is a combo you can mix and match with black dress pants, or a pencil skirt. You can also combine that print with a pop of color such as red or yellow. What's great about stripes is you can also wear it over jeans and add a blazer for casual Friday! 


Be careful with what you pair your prints with! Keep the accessories mature and subtle. Long pendant necklaces, simple single strand bracelets, studded earrings and/or neutral pieces are the way to go when pairing with prints for work. Let the print do most of the "talking". If you find a print that you love but feel it may be too "loud" for work, wear a cardigan over to see if it tones down the entire look. If you still feel unsure, I highly recommend moving on to another print! You need to feel comfortable and confident when wearing prints to the office :) 


As I mentioned in the previous suggestion, be careful with the color. You don't want to pick prints that are too loud and "easily identify you" in the office so to speak :-p . UNLESS you work in a trendy, creative environment then it might be acceptable. Make sure you find prints that have a "basic" color as your base. For instance, the blouse I'm wearing is navy blue, and the dots sit on top of this color. Other colors to try are, red with small polka dots or thin stripes, white with black prints (stay away from cutsey prints like hearts and flowers), grey with white prints, or light pink with small prints. Stay away from neon colors! 

Tip: if you are unsure about a color, find that color in a lighter version to see if it brings down the tone a bit. Example, pick a lighter shade of pink versus a bright pink. 

I hope these tips help guide you on how to pick the right prints for work! 

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Which print will you wear to work ? What are your tips or suggestions? 

Have a great rest of the week!