BTS: Wedding "First Dance" featuring Beata

Hey guys!

We are back form our honeymoon and wow we had such a great time! Ireland is so beautiful and romantic with it's greenery scenic views and midivil castles. I'll provide you more details soon! 

As for our wedding, I'll be providing you with pics once I have gathered all the photos! Needless to say, everything went very well and we are very happy to be married! 

Prepping for our wedding took a lot of work. One of the things we decided to do once we were announced Mr. & Mrs. was to do a medley as our first dance. The reason for this was because Ivan and I share a love of music and a variety of that too. We love some oldies, 90s, Jazz, Spanish music, rock, alternative rock, r & b, i mean the list goes on and on. We also enjoy going to concerts. Music has connected us, so it was fitting to do a medley instead of just 1 song. We really don't have one particular song that defines us because we enjoy so many! So why not have a medley as a first dance right?

We decided to start off with the "growing old with you song" by Adam Sandler. Its cute, sweet, quirky and funny at the same time. Overall it was a fun song and we definitely wanted to have fun on our wedding day! My good friend Marc who is an on -air radio DJ did the remix and editing of the songs we picked. Bless his heart he edited it about 7 times just to get it right! 

Next, we searched for a choreographer who was open to helping us put together a dance considering the songs were all very VERY different. Just to get the idea, here is the audio of our 1st dance. 

I found Beata Howe who is a dance instructor all over the DFW. Beata is such a wonderful dance instructor. I applaud her for taking on this task of developing steps that would fit each song. It was a challenge for us because as you heard, the songs are vastly different! It's something we definitely couldn't of done without her! Here is my quick interview with Beata!

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a dancer?
My mother will tell you I came out dancing and she put me in Ballet classes at 4 because it seemed to be all I was doing. 

Q: How long have you been teaching others?
I started teaching Ballroom in College so for 36 years now. 

Q: What is your most fondest (best) memory throughout your career?
There are so many and different kinds of "bests"...seeing challenges students perform well for their first time; teaching over 700 people from a stage at Lincoln Center in NYC; Dancing to a live band with a favorite partner at a Dive bar in New Orleans...I'm blessed to have many!

Q: If you were not a dancer, which career would of you chose?
I would probably teach something...scuba or watercolor painting...

Q: Do you have any other hobbies asides from dancing?
Scuba, travel, watercolor painting, sewing, reading, skiing, people watching...

Q: Out of all the styles of dancing that you reach, which one is your favorite and why?
I can love doing or teaching any dance but it's seeing the stunts conquer getting comfortable and getting past the self conscoiusness that is most satisfying. 


Q: What is your teaching style like?
I hope it's friendly with easy breakdown of the piece of the once so that the student don't get confused or frustrated. And teaching from encouraging the good and not criticizing the bad. 

And finally....

Q: How did Ivan and I do? :-p
Vanessa and Ivan ROCKED! They came in with a pretty clear idea of what they wanted and they weren't afraid to experiment and work some things out on their own. They practiced as much as their time would allow which also makes it go faster and easier. They were a pleasure to work with and both have the markings of very fine dancers!


Should you wish to get in contact with Beata, her website is , Facebook group is here , and her Thumbtack services are here

And now to show you our very first dance as Mr. & Mrs!!! ::Drumroll please:: 

Click on the video below! 

We had SO much fun! Lots of laughs of course! Luckily I didn't fall into the water right? haha. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Positive comments are welcomed ! :) 

Come back to read about our honeymoon in Ireland, as well as our A-List wedding vendors!