Dressing in Pastels for Spring

Happy Friday! 

I'm so excited to get this weekend started. I was gone for 2 weeks so this weekend I will definitely do some Spring cleaning! I can't stress how happy I have been since we've returned home. It's nice to come home and not have to work my second job, or the stress of having to hurry and finish up something pertaining to the wedding. I almost feel like I"m living life again lol but this time with a husband :) Anyway, life is good and I am very thankful. 

The weather here has been lovely! Tomorrow we are heading out to the tulip field AKA Texas Tulips to pick out some tulips! I will probably take a snap or too which you can find on my instastories. With lovely Spring weather, comes lovely spring clothes! Here are my favorite colors to wear for Spring. 

Light blue or more specifically, columbia blue, is a great color to wear for Spring! It's neither dark nor too light and looks good on anyone! I love these shoulder cut outs which help to keep cool when the sun is hitting down hard! 

Coral pink is another color I absolutely love! By now you guys should know that I am not a "pink" kind of gal HOWEVER this type of pink is thee exception! I have received so many compliments on this bag which is why I think you should try adding coral pink to your Spring wardrobe! 

February 2017 Outfit 4-109.jpg

White, nude or neutral colors in general are also great colors to wear! They are light and breezy and definitely scream Spring!  Try white capris with nude heels and a light airy top such as polyester. 

Other colors to try! Yellow, lime green, hot pink, red orange, champagne pink, or cobalt blue (I love any blue color!) 

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Have a wonderful weekend!