Trend Alert! Pencil Skirts that are Non-Basic

Happy Monday! 

I slept in yesterday and it felt great! Of course I did the usual; clean the apartment, light laundry,  ran errands, watched TV, etc. It's definitely nice to get back into the rhythm of things! Now that I am back home, and the wedding is over, I will be focusing a lot more on my blog. Not that I wasn't before but I was limiting myself to how many outfits to post. The more outfits, the more the investment! There are a lot of things that I still need to learn as a blogger, and I hope to keep on growing! Thank you for sticking around and I hope you enjoy the posts that are coming soon :) 

Pencil skirt dissevered to be talked about especially because they have been around for a long time! Not only that, but I am loving the designs i'm seeing versus the basic version of the pencil skirt. I love how this skirt is overplayed with a wrap! 

Because of my long legs, I prefer a pencil skirt that at the knee or below the knee. I used to wear tight minis back in the day, but now skirts especially with this over lay is very much more flattering! I feel that it hugs me in all the right ways :) 

When I think of Spring, flowers, sun, bikinis, and a vacation come to mind! Which is why I added accessories that were fun and perfect for the outfit! 

It's always a good idea to play with your accessories and double layer! I have worn this as a single necklace (the chain necklace) and pair it up with a long pendant necklace gives it a whole new fresh look! 

Like what you see? Shop similar items + some of my fav pencil skirts! 

Enjoy your day and until the next time!