Hubby & Wifey Tees + Pre-Wedding Feels!


I REPEAT! Today is the day that I get married. The day I thought would never arrive. It almost feels surreal. "Is this really happening?" I think about this with excitement in my voice and happiness in my soul. I am marrying my best friend. The one person on this earth who gets me. It's crazy how out of all the millions, we find our life partner. 

 I am beyond grateful for this day, and so blessed to have this new chapter in life. Not everyone gets to experience this and it's something that I truly will cherish. 

How am I feeling today? For the most part, I have been as calm about the wedding as I could be. That actually surprises me to be honest! It's more of that I'm calm because we have included as much details and our own personal touches as much as we envisioned. My only worry? The weather. Please send positive vibes our way ! We'll love a little sunshine and cool breeze for our outdoor venue! 

Overall, no matter what happens today, Ivan and I are very proud of how hard we worked to get to this day. We truly make a great team and it was a good journey. We both agreed that it has brought us closer together. Not that we weren't already, but we learned a lot about each other. 

In the spirit of the wedding, we decided to take these cute Wifey & Hubby tees on our honeymoon which is next! 

We really enjoyed taking pics in these tees. :) 

Any advice for us newlyweds in a few hours? Comment below! 

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Next time you hear from me i'll be Mrs. Luna !