Pre-Wedding Exercises to Try at Home

I know what you are thinking! Why do I need to work out? All of my life I have had people tell me I don't need to exercise, I don't need to lose weight, why do I run so much, don't worry about diet....bla bla and more BLAH. Anyone that knows anything about diet and excersise is that no matter how skinny you are, excersise and healthy eating regularly are important. I DO NOT nor have I ever excersised to lose weight. I'm fully aware that I'm thin, so why on earth would I even want to be thinner and disappear? My health is important to me especially the more I have gotten older. If I don't eat healthy, I do believe there is this "thing" called Skinny Fat. Wether I invented that word or not, I have met skinny fat ladies. I know, using the word fat is offensive so I'll change it up to Skinny Phat ;-) 

These last 2 weeks have been the absolute hardest to maintain a healthy diet. We moved into a new apartment so we were unpacking all week on top of other things (aka the wedding, which I know I don't need to remind you! lol) . However, this week I am doing better (but not perfect) as far as eating healthier and working out. Which is why I want to share with you what I have been doing to keep bloatness down and especially to ease the stress of wedding planning! 

A couple of things you can even do at your local gym with minimal weights are: 

Overhead squats

Granted these are not for everyone as it takes a few practices and skills to avoid any injuries. I used a 15lb bar and after a few reps I do begin to feel it, not only on my legs, but also the resistance on my arms and back. You start with the bar resting on your shoulder, and then place your hands as far as possible. A thumbs away from the end. If it's way too uncomfortable, bring your arms in a little until you find comfortable spot. Everyone has different arm lengths, but the form should be the same. 

Modified version! Do normal back squats. Remember legs shoulder width apart and use those leg muscles! 

Kettlebell Raises

In Crossfit these are called, Sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP). Yes I was crosscutting for a while and plan to go back in a few months! Any who, using a kettlebell is great for quick workouts! There are several things you can do. One of my favorites is the Kettle Sumo Deadlift High Pull, which allows you to work your arms and legs once again. You are not necessarily squatting but just bending at the knee a little, touching the kettlebell to the ground and then bringing it up slightly past the chest. Your elbows point to the sky and you should start feeling that pull on your arm muscles!

Modified version! Grab your 15lb bar, place both of your hands thumbs apart from the center of the bar, and pull up in the same motion. Elbows slightly to the sky!

Leg Raises

For me, this is the more advance version of the legs raises because now you are adding a weighted bar to the mix. I love this because it gives me an arms and abs workout! My grip on the bar, causes my muscles to contract and at the same time, I need to focus on lifting my legs up and down. When you try these excursuses, imagine that you are driving a car. You always want to keep the steering wheel in front of you. In this case, the bar should always stay in front of you! Not move with you. 

Kettlebell Swing

Another one of my favs! The Kettle bell swing! There is no squat when you swing, just a slight bend in the knee. Keep your arms straight and swing the kettlebell directly over your head, while your arms should be slightly past your ears. Make sure you grip the kettlebell good so it doesn't fall back or forward! 

Modified version! Don't go all the way up on the kettle bell, but halfways. Instead of swinging the kettle bell all the way, stop at the halfway point especially if you are trying to increase on the weight. 

Kettlebell Drive

I literally just made this name up lol! I love this ab excersise because you realllllly feel it down to the core! Pun intended :p Start by laying down. Press the kettle bell straight up and place your hands on the side of the handle. Think about driving a car! When you are ready, push yourself straight up and back. Make sure you keep your back straight. The kettle bell should remain slightly above your chest. If you bring the kettle bell directly IN FRONT of your chest, your arms will drop straight down! Keep your eyes on the kettle bell to help with direction and balance! Bring yourself back down and do it again!

Modified version! Bend at the arms and keep the kettle bell close to the chest. 

Let's do the twist!

Alrighty. Not really, but kind of!? Start by laying down and knees bent. Keep the kettle close to your chest but not ON your chest. Come up halfway, and twist to the right, then twist to the left. Bring the kettle bell back to the center, and lay back down. Do it again! 

Modified version! Grab a medicine ball, hold it in your hands, and touch/tap the medicine ball on the ground when you twist. 

Windshield Wipers

These are tough! It took me a while to get it right. Start with the weighted bar directly in front. Legs straight out and body flat on the floor. Then lift your legs to the sky, and swipe right. Swing the legs a little more than halfway, and then bring them back to the other side, meaning swipe left. Bring legs back to the center and push them down to start from the beginning. 

Modified version! Put your hands under your tush, with palms facing down and keeping arms straight. Lift your legs straight up and down. Try not to let your heels touch the ground to add resistance! Your feet should not rest on the ground before you continue to your next rep. 


I always add cardio to the mix because 20 minutes minimum of cardio is good for the heart! 

I hope these have encouraged you to try at home or at the gym next time. If i don't fit in my dress this Saturday, then we might have a problem :p #toomuchmuscle ? 


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Happy Thursday & until the next time!