Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party in Austin, Texas

Hey Ya'll! 

I am very excited to share with you my agenda for this past bachelorette weekend! I hope some of you followed along via instastories :) If you didn't, I've included a few pics for today's post!

Planning a bachelorette party was not easy! My friend/s and sisters mainly did the brainwork behind our fun-filled weekend, however I did get  involved in the planning because I'm just a control freak like that lol. 

We started planning the party 6-7 months before the actual set date of January 13th. That's MORE than enough time to accumulate ideas and put together an awesome bachelorette party! 

1) Ditch the hotel. Book a House through Airbnb

Booking this home was the best decision! It really set the mood for the weekend as it was spacious, scenic, and in a nice area of Austin. I highly suggest to find out which friends are willing to commit to spend the last days as a "single" lady with you, and book a house that fits your budget and for the size of invitees! 

2.) Stay in on the first Night

In order to enjoy the house, you need to spend some time in it! We decided on the first night we would stay in, drink wine and play some fun bachelorette games! This a great way to bring your friends together (some of which might not know each other) and just have fun! Scroll down to see what activities we planned! 

Put together goodie bags filed with tylenol, glow sticks, foam light up sticks, sunglasses, snacks, wine goblet, water bottles...the list goes on and on! You decide what you want your guests to have to survive your weekend! Pass out the bags once everyone arrives :)

In addition to the goodie bags, I decided to put together a nail polish wrapped in tulle as a way to say Thank You. Yes, I TOTALLY stole this idea from Pintrest, but they were easy to make and my squad appreciated them. :) ( also the MANI in MANY thanks is intentional since It deals with nail polish for the hands. hint hint manicure)

Pick a cool wall and create a backdrop! Kudos to my sisters who pulled this off! It was perfect and added a festive touch to the party! 

Bust out the games! A few games that you can play while sitting and drinking wine! They were a lot of fun! My sister did an awesome job at hosting the games. Offer prizes to create competition and keep the excitement going! Other games and activities were creating lingerie with toilet paper, *enis Playdough (yep look it up), facials, and how well do I know the groom. SO much fun! 

Create a keepsake for yourself! This activity is affordable and a great way for you to always remember this special occasion! This activity occurred on day #2, when everyone was ready to be out and about (meaning full make up and hair done...yaaasss!) 

3.) Eat Junk Food

Friday night, we decided to head to the nearest grocery store to buy the essentials for the weekend! Frozen pizza, eggs, cheese, bacon, a variety of chips, ad candy. We regretted it the next day ... :-D lol BUT it was fun crashing my wedding diet for the night. 

4.) Create your own Brunch

We are brunch lovers! But who isn't right? This idea was so much better than making reservations at a brunch location in town. We were able to enjoy the house a little longer, and it was a great money saver. Plus, people involved using their skills! My sister and friend took care of making breakfast, me and my other friend decorated the brunch table, while another made mimosas. Everyone had a job to do and it came together beautifully! 

5.) Rent a Boat

I don't go to can Austin very often and get on a boat so this was a great idea! It was first for some, and it was a nice fun way to continue the champagne as you can BYOB. The weather was cold, but that didn't stop us from having a good time! We rented a boat from Capital Cruises for a very good price! Seriously, everyone paid $20 to get on a 2 hour boat ride, with drinks, and jamming music... you can't beat that price! 


6) Work the Brain with Austin Panic Room

I really enjoy Austin Panic Room for the reason that, i like trying to solve a mystery! It was sure  something different to do, and a first for all of my squad (except for me and one of my friends)! Every 6 months they have a new theme with clues and mysteries to solve! Book in advance because spots fill up fast! 

7.) Dine-out Saturday, Brunch-out Sunday

Pick a place to have dinner on Saturday and brunch for Sunday before everyone starts heading home. We ate at Hula Hut on Saturday and I had the tortilla soup (SUPER YUM)! They have a variety of tex-mex plates to choose from! The Park at the Domain offers a delicious buffet brunch for $16 while mimosas are colorful and tasty for $1 each until 2pm! SCORE! 

8.) Go out Saturday Night

I have always enjoyed live music. The first stop was Cedar Street Courtyard where we enjoyed a live band with crazy outfits and amazing hair! They played everything from the 70s to today's hits. Since it was cold, they had heaters which was nice considering my dress was showing my bare legs and arms!

We then decided to go to 2 gay clubs as, to be honest, I feel they are more fun than straight clubs sometimes :D I really enjoyed the music and the entertainment is quite nice. With light up floors, light shows, and a fogger... it was a good environment to dance like no one is watching! 

It was a long and fun-filled weekend! I hope this inspires you to build an itinerary similar to what we did! Of course, you can always add more on your to-do list that fit your personality ;-) 

Happy Bachelorette Planning!