Fashionable Wood Watches by JORD

Happy Monday! 

One of the accessories I hardly ever wear because I simply don't have enough of is

......... A WATCH! 

The few times I have purchased a watch, I don't just get any watch. It's important for me to pick an everyday type of watch. I am very excited to share with you this fashionable wood watch by JORD! Not going to lie, I have see other fashionistas with this brand of watch, and I'm so happy to have partnered with JORD to bring to you, not only to share their variety of styles for men and women, but a very special contest! Keep reading to find out the details! 

Wearing a watch is even harder on those cold winter days. I dislike it when sweaters cover bracelets, scarfs cover necklaces, and earmuffs cover earrings.  But alas styling an entire outfit is not the same without those particular accessories :/

So what do you during the winter time? You wear the accessory that not only matches everything, but also makes a statement. Wear an accessory that stands out! Which is why I picked the Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald watch with JORD. The dark wood compliments my dark hair, dark brown eyes, and olive skin tone. While the emerald green color on the face of the watch, adds that pop to any of my winter outfits!

These watches are not only for your everyday use, but also make the perfect gift! With valentine's day around the corner (and these super cute wood boxes which come with a care pen and towel to preserve the watch), you can find the perfect gift for your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, daughter, son... the list goes on and on and on! OR just gift yourself (I'm guilty of that!)

Since having owned a JORD watch, I immediately have been complimented for such a unique and finely crafted accessory. If you would like to win an $100 e-gift code to own one of these beautiful watches, click on the entry below! GOOD LUCK & thanks for entering!