Wrapping Up in a Print Coat


I have a confession. I feel so behind on blogging and life in general! I hope you all bare with me as I'm trying to finish up all the details for the wedding which is in 5 weeks! For those who have had a wedding and hired a planner... YOU. IS. SMART. Planning a wedding all by yourself is HARD. And we all know that men don't look at the finer details as us women do :p. Kudos to my fiancé for trying his best <3 

Just when I think the weather is going to stay warm, we get a cool front AGAIN. Needless to say, I'm prepared with this print coat which I got last season. Don't worry! I have found similar coats that you should definitely take a look at! Here is how I styled this coat. 

The secret is...ADD A BELT! That is all! It will help create a waist line and also look super chic and trendy :) 

Here are some of my print coat favs! Plus a few that are just totally chic! 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Come back for a pre-wedding update as I approach 5 weeks until the big day! :D Ciao for now!