What's Trending for Fall 2018?

A few weeks ago I visited with a local boutique called Vernacular. It is one of my favorite boutiques as they are always trendy and the price points are reasonable. If you find yourself shopping around for Fall wear, consider keeping in mind this list of things to grab!

Fall Trends of 2018


I recently tried on a neutral/tan sweater and layered it over a plaid button up. The combo couldn’t have been more perfect and it really took the neutral look to the next level. This color is also good for spring, so it’s a color that can essentially be used more than once!

Olive Green

If you don’t have this color in your closet, get it stat! This color is great around this time to wear every year. Olive green tops, sweaters, pants…you name it. Olive Green is a great fall color.


Another color batch that is poppin’ this season! I never would have considered coral to be a color for the Fall but it is! I have seen plaid shirts mixed with peach tones. If you are opting for something a little different, this color would be it!

Plaid Fall Trend 2018


Need I explain more? Plaid need to be a staple. The best part is that there are all kinds of plaid styles today, you can pick one that will fit your personality. I personal like to stick with the original black and red, or white and black.

Jogger Pants

The last time I wore jogger pants was about 2 years ago, guess what… they are back! I recently found olive green and coral colored jogger pants. You can dress these easily up or down.

Fuzzy Sweaters

A style i’ve never owned! This is the type of sweater I received the most compliments on. It was stretchy, soft, and most of all comfortable. I loved it and didn’t mind at all that the fuzzy material was different than what I would normally go for. Try one of these styles this season!

Oversized Cardigans and Scarfs

Don’t worry you will NOT look frumpy at all! During this time, the weather starts shifting and the colors of the trees start to change. We all like reaching for those comfy clothes! Try an oversized sweater or cardigan which are versatile and can easily be mixed and matched.

White Booties

Yes I finally bought some! This may or may not be your style, but it doesn’t hurt to try! An alternative could be white flats :)

What has been the trend that you’ve most enjoyed so far? Comment/share below!

Vanessa in Dallas Blogger