New Addition to Our Family: Chase the Rabbit

By now, you might have seen a cute, fuzzy, black and white, rabbit hopping around my instastories. Some of you have even said he should have his own Instagram. Even though I’d love that, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with yet another instagram account truthfully, lol. It all started when I pulled up into my driveway, and randomly saw a rabbit in the openness of what is my neighbors yard. Little did I know… that Tuesday morning would be the start of a new addition to our family.

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The Story on Finding Chase

The last time I ever owned a rabbit, I must of been 10 years old. I had always had pets growing up, but never really cared for them the way that I do now. My mom is an animal lover, so we always had animals around; ducks, chickens, lots of dogs (one time we even had 13 dogs in our backyard!), cats, fish, rabbits, turtles, and hamsters. I will admit that it was fun, but when you are a kid, most of those animals (minus dogs and cats) are short lived. We just didn’t really put in all the effort to care for these animals like how I do today. Presently, I treat my pets as if they are real human babies! There’s just no other way.

Chase is the only male, out of my three pets; Ginger our dog and Hailey our cat. As soon as I spotted him, I went up to him and shortly after was able to pet him. He was a little scared initially, but ironically he wouldn’t run off when I got near. I then ran inside and grabbed a carrot (how stereotypical of me right?). He nibbled on it, and while I didn’t have intentions to bring him inside, next thing I know he is in my guest bathroom lol! It all happened so quick that I merely thought about what my husband would think when he got home.

Telling my husband

I had pre-warned my husband about me finding a rabbit via text. My husband is a total dog person. He barely accepts Hailey my cat so I knew this one was going to be tough. He wasn’t upset, but he wasn’t at all excited. My husband quickly made lost and found flyers to leave in the neighborhoods mailboxes. That same week that I found Chase, was also New York Fashion week. So off I went, and we were just alert to see if anyone claimed him with the flyers we had created.

How to take care of a Rabbit

Final Decision

After we got back from New York Fashion Week, we realized that no one had claimed him. No one had called, or texted. It was at a point where we either rehome him, or keep him. During this time, I would let him loose in our enclosed backyard, and saw how happy he was. We did bond rather immediately, and he’s just such a good rabbit. YOU GUYS HE’S POTTY TRAINED! He literally goes on the dog pad. I mean COME ON! How awesome is that. I didn’t just want to give him to anyone. So after a few small arguments with my husband, we decided to keep him with the understanding that I would be the one taking care of him. My husband is the best, but this one did bring some tension between us for quite a few days to at least a week.

Present Day

Chase knows his routine! On good sunny days, he’s out and about roaming around getting some Vitamin D and exercise. On bad days' he’s cozy inside. We also learned recently where Chase was living! Turns out it was a few houses down. Again no one claimed in so Chase is an example (somewhat) of a rabbit being rehomed! He’s so tender, kind, full of energy and has personality. He gets along well with our dog Ginger and cat hailey. I love seeing all three of them hang out in the backyard. It melts my heart. You can say my family is an odd mix, but I hope it comes to show a little of who we are. We accept our differences, treat them all fairly and with kindness…all while adjusting to life’s unexpected situations. #blessed

Rehoming pets

By the way, meet my two other fur babies! Some photos we have taken along the way :)


What kind of pets do you have? What are your thoughts about rehoming? Leave your comments below!

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