DFW Latina Blogger Meetup and Anniversary 2018 Recap

It has been a little more than a month since we celebrated 1 year of being a DFW Latina Blogger group! I remember a year ago, I was at our old apartment thinking about who were the other Latinas in the metroplex pursuing blogging just as I was. It all started with an idea I had that has grown into something much greater than even myself.

I wanted to connect and get to know someone who shared my own culture. While I embrace all diversities, I am sensitive to my culture naturally because I am part of a large minority, but also because Latinas in the blogosphere are underrated. I wanted to be able to see someone who looked like me in a sense and understand the challenges that we may have ahead, and feel the support to go after it together.

I have always believed in community and I would not be where I’m at today in any part of my life without someone supporting and believing in me. With that being said, I cannot thank enough to the two girls who always have my back and also support the group in more ways than one. Elvita and Janet. Together we manage this group. With over 100+ members, it’s tough at times but the outcome is always so rewarding. There have been many girls who meet at our events and network/collaborate after. It’s a wonderful feeling to see! Even more, when the girls leave inspired, and when we start to see them grow and push on consistency (just one aspect about blogging), makes us all so happy! This group is not just a community but a movement.

Here is our 2018 recap where we share many laughs, happy tears, hear inspiring stories, and made new friends :)

Speakers Vannessa Reyes and Georgette Rojas

Vannessa Reyes and Georgette Rojas, DFW Latina Bloggers

These girls gave some powerful and inspiring speeches! It was a great way to kick off being together and just enjoying everyone’s company. These two ladies are BIG dreamers, go-getters, and have set such a good example to our Latina community. We are so honored that they contributed in this way! Thank you ladies!

Location: Cafe Salera, Dallas 2610 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75226

Cafe Salsera Dallas, TX
Cafe Salsera, Salsa Club in Dallas, Texas

This place completely set the mood for our Latina group!!! We loved the soft salsa music playing the background, as well as the ambiance. It felt like a little bit of everything Latina being here! Thank you so much Cafe Salsera for hosting us!





Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa

Elvita Ramirez @elvitasbucketlist and myself, Vanessa Luna @vanessaindallas

Elvita Ramirez @elvitasbucketlist and myself, Vanessa Luna @vanessaindallas

Elvita is the co-founder of DFW Latina Bloggers. Since day 1 she has fully supported the Latina community, and gives back within her own profressional career. Elvita is an asset to this group as she makes a lot of connection with Latinx based business owners, and so much more.

DFW Latina Bloggers

Lidia and Mari have been supporting us since day 1! They attended our first meetup last year, and have been active on supporting the group. You can find them with @latinaslivinglife on Instagram.

Poppin Pins

Thank you to @poppinpins for these cute pins! We were able to include them in our swag bags :D

DFW Latina Bloggers

Some of the winners for the bag, and t-shirt! Lucia and Brenda.

DFW Latina Bloggers

We love to see our girls networking! No cliques, just purely enjoying each others company!

DFW Latina Bloggers Meetup
DFW Latina Bloggers
DFW Latina Bloggers
Vanessa In Dallas Speaking at DFW Latina Blogger Meetup
DFW Latina Bloggers
Congrats to Gabby  @never_outofstyle  for winning 1 year membership with We All Grow Latina!

Congrats to Gabby @never_outofstyle for winning 1 year membership with We All Grow Latina!

Dfw Latina Bloggers
Thank you to the  @thecupcakeexperience1  for our awesome logo designed cupcakes!

Thank you to the @thecupcakeexperience1 for our awesome logo designed cupcakes!

I truly believe in the power of community. Everytime we have gotten together, it feels like family. There is no competition, no jealousy, no cliques. Just a big group of Latina creators coming together to network and share a passion and culture. Thank you to all who made this event possible!

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