5 Days of Fall Favorites Roundup

Happy Friday! 2 weeks ago, I was sharing with you guys a little something Fall everyday! From Fall decor, to seasonal coffee drinks at 2 of my favorite coffee places, Fall trends, nail color, to Fall wine! You can visit my Instagram to see the highlights recap live in action, or just scroll below to see everything you need to know be ready for this season! Trust me, even I didn’t know a few things myself!

Fall Wines

Let’s start with Wines for Fall! I feel that this is always questionable when you visit with friends or family. Whether it’s for a dinner party, special occassion, or holiday… we have all asked ourselves once in our lives “What kind of wine should I bring?”. Well friends, I’m answering that question for you!

Checkered Past Winery

Address: 1409 S. Lamar St. #008, Dallas, TX 75215

(Screenshot) Taken from  www.CheckeredPastWinery.com

(Screenshot) Taken from www.CheckeredPastWinery.com

I had the honor to sit and speak with Sandro DiSanto, owner, and winemaker at Checkered Past Winery. I am always fascinated by people’s story, and Sandro’s was nothing other than exciting! Sandro is first generation American and 100% Sicilian. With his corporate career as an engineer, Sandro is well traveled. Studious with obtaining his MBA in TX, he began wine making at home. Following his grandfather’s legacy, Sandro naturally gained an interest in wine making, where he entered competitions and began to learn more about the industry. Sandro became so passionate, he went back to school and graduated with an Analogy and Intercultural degree which focuses on wine making and grape growing. Later, his experience working out in East Texas as a wine maker for a number of years, allowed him to use the knowledge and skills that he learned from school. With Sandro’s dream of wanting to bring “wine to the people”, Checkered Past Winery was open for business in 2015, located only half a mile away from downtown Dallas.

Sandro DiSanto,  Checkered Past Winery  Owner and Winemaker

Sandro DiSanto, Checkered Past Winery Owner and Winemaker

I believe the reason Checkered Past Winery exists is to make wine approachable. A refreshing approach to wine that people really like
— Sandro DiSanto, Checkered Past WInery Owner and Winemaker
Checkered Past Winery Dallas, TX

Walking into Checkered Past, you feel so welcomed by his amazing staff, feel the embrace of locally owned wines and crafted beer displayed at the bar and entrance, as well as a beautiful selection of Checkered Past wines such as the Sangiovese. One of my favorites! I have been to a few other wine locations in Dallas, and this is the kind of place that you can go with friends, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, first dates, after work, in both casual wear or dressy. The vibe is simply amazing and I highly recommend a visit!

Checkered Past Winery in Dallas

Suggested Fall Wines

Checkered Past Winery Sangiovese

Medium-Bodied Blends

Red Blends


Pinot Noir

If Unsure

Prosecco or Bubbly

Simple Fall Wreath Decor

Simple Fall Wreath Decor

I wanted to create something that was fast and simple. I am usually pretty busy during the day so I don’t have a lot of time to spend on creating this extremely fancy wreath! Also, let’s admit, wreaths can be so expensive! That’s why I kept mine simple and quick! This wreath took 30 minutes to make! If you are a busy bee, mom, workaholic or whatever the case…you can do this too!

What you Need:

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Choice of Floral

Wire Cutters (or pliers)

14’ Sewing Hoop Ring

Simple Fall Wreath for your Door

Remove the outter hoop, heat up the glue gun, and start arranging the floral! You might want to consider cutting the floral wires before arranging of course. I was extra excited to hang this on our door because it’s the first season where we decorate our home! We have been living in our new home since March, and the idea of being able to decorate our space is the warmest part about the upcoming seasons. :)

Nail Color Trends

I headed to MiniLuxe located in Dallas to get a fresh manicure! Every time I go into a nail salon, I never know what color to pick! I end up walking out with something that is totally off-season. I don’t want this to happen to you! Sometimes I will ask the nail technician, and it’s difficult for them to make a suggestion that is to the liking of the customer because there is always some slight hesitation or shoulder shrugs. This time, I wanted to know what was trending for Fall. I wanted for THEM to tell ME. I got my answers!

MiniLuxe 8687 N Central Expy #2324, Dallas, TX 75225

MiniLuxe 8687 N Central Expy #2324, Dallas, TX 75225

Fall Nail Color Trends

Light Grey

Dark Grey

Dark Reds

Dark Purple

Light Purple


I fell in love with the Dazzle Dry brand they applied in Fleek 612 (color). It’s been two weeks and it hasn’t chip! Also dried in 5 minutes and I love it much better than shellac :D

Favorite Coffee Places + Seasonal Drink Menu

Herb’s Coffee House 5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas, TX 75206

Herb’s Coffee House 5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas, TX 75206

I can’t even remember how I ran into this little gem! Herb’s Coffee House is a great place for meetings as they have rooms that you can book. I enjoy going here when i want to focus! There is always the right amount of people and their coffees are delicious!

Herb's Coffee House Meeting Rooms

Herb’s Coffee House Seasonal Drinks

Toasted Marshmallow


Pumpkin Spice


Toasted Almond Mocha

Rosalind Coffee in Garland 107 N 6th St, Garland, TX 75040 - Apple Chaider

Rosalind Coffee in Garland 107 N 6th St, Garland, TX 75040 - Apple Chaider

Rosalind Coffee is located right in the heart of downtown Garland, next to other unique to the city shops. I love the environment and how open an airy this place is. There are couches, open coffee tables, high tops, and tall ceilings. I have spent hours here! It’s quiet or perfect to grab coffee with a friend.

Rosalind Coffee Seasonal Drinks

Apple Chaider
(apple juice, homemade chai tea mixture)

Fireside flat white
(homemade syrup called fireside, cinnamon ginger, clove, brown sugar, and cardamom)

Rosalind focuses on homemade mixes which makes their seasonal coffee extra yummy! Nothing beats homemade.

Fall Fashion Trends

Vernacular 1818 Sylvan Ave, B100, Dallas, TX 75208

Vernacular 1818 Sylvan Ave, B100, Dallas, TX 75208

I was so excited about this for obvious reasons! I love Fall and enjoy layering. In case you missed the try on session via my instastories, no worries! It’s located under the ‘newest’ highlights :D Vernacular is a boutique originally from Ohio. Their selections are of great quality, fashionable, on trend, and reasonable prices.

Fall Trends


Olive Green


Plaid tops and button ups

Jogger Pants

Fuzzy Sweaters

Oversized Cardigans and Scarfs

White Booties

Tip! Layer a neutral/tan sweater over a plaid shirt to get a nice Fall cozy look!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! A busy week showing you all things Fall so you are prepped whatever comes your way! Share this post with your friends or save it on your Pinterest borad :D

5 Fall Favorites Roundup
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