Grandma's Vintage Blush Pink Coat

Grandma's Vintage Blush Pink Coat

October 5th of this year, marked my grandma’s 5 years of her passing. I miss her very much and sometimes still find myself thinking that she is here. It sometimes feels as if I just haven’t talked to her for a few weeks. When I moved to Dallas, I felt like our bond was the closest it had ever been, and I was able to carry more adult conversations with her.

After her passing, it took a while for us to sort through her clothes. When we did, I inherited this blush pink vintage coat she owned. I love the vintage glam feel, and of course I love it even more because it was hers.

Vintage Blush Pink Coat
Vintage Pink Coat Outfit

The lining inside this coat is a bright orange, and ironically all the buttons are blush pink except for one. The button is the same, only it’s a similar orange. I found that interesting that this coat was purposely made to have one button different than the others.

Vintage coat outfit
Vintage coat with Faux Fur

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