Summer Outfit to Beat the Heat!


Happy Monday my turtle doves

Just in case you didn't know. When Ivan and I went on our honeymoon, our tour guide would call us Turtle Doves and now that's a cute "pet name" we use from time to time haha. 

Have you all felt the heat beaming down on your lately!? I most certainty have! It's exciting because we can officially bust out with our shorts, flip flops, tanks. swimsuits and more! 

If you are planning to go on a vacation or beachy type of trip, I would highly recommend reaching for those bright sun colors! 

I am not very into Yellow but for some reason this style just worked! Yellow is a color to definitely try as well as hot pink , orange, bright blues, pinks and purples. After all, the culture theme which includes all bright colors is still very IN! 

Here is a quick outfit Idea to try this Summer, and if you are bold enough, it's OK to show a little skin. If not, tie a low knot at the bottom of a button down blouse to simulate this look! 

May 2017 Outfit 9-102.jpg

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