Summer Vacation Packing Checklist

It's Tuesday! 

I have a little treat for you today that I'm super excited about!  Over the past few months I have been paying a close attention to what some of you have been asking me. One of those which is "what should I be packing for a Summer vacation?" 

If you are like me you want to take your whole closet! The reality is we cannot, sadly, but we can definitely pack smart! 

Which is why today I am offering you a free Summer Vacation Packing Checklist that you can download, print, and use this Summer and the Summer's to come! 

Click on the link below to download your checklist! 

Summer Vacation Packing Checklist

I would love to hear your thoughts on the checklist and perhaps other future checklists you'd like to see! 

Have a great day jet setter


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