Gladiator Shoes for Every Personality


I remember there was time when the gladiator sandal was "out of my comfort zone". I felt it was too edgy and awkward in style. That was until i tried them on and realized that this look could actually work for me. Gladiator sandals was a challenge but eventually I figured pairing gladiator sandals with classy styles actually pair well together :) That's the perfect look for me! 

There are many ways people get creative and wear Gladiators, and there are many types, styles, and designs of gladiator sandals. There truly is a style out there for everyone; from the most reserved to the most edgy or stylish female out there! 

Which gladiator fits your personality?

February 2017 Outfit 4-109.jpg

Pretty and Polished

  • Versatility is important
  • Likes to dress casual more so than others
  • Likes to look well put together 
  • Plays it safe with her fashion selections but is stylish
  • Is feminine yet secure
  • Natural Beauty

Chic and Trendy

  • Likes to wear a variety of trends and style
  • Up-to-Date Fashion without the constraints of something traditional
  • Most likely the trendsetter amongst friends
  • Usually purchases on Impulse (...GUILTY RIGHT HERE!)
  • Picks up outside inspiration and creates her own style

Elegant and Classy

  • Stands out from the crowd
  • Has a sense of sophisticated in her style
  • Takes pride in what she owns and is always freshly pressed
  • Throws on a few natural looking basics- hint of mascara, blush neutral shade of lipstick 
  • Has a lot of black clothing which is practical and convenient 

Edgy and Cool

  • Dares to try new outfits
  • likes to get out of her comfort zone
  • Set new trends
  • Confident and exciting
  • unapologetic 
  • knows how to have fun

Which is your shoe personality? 

I hope you enjoyed this post dedicated to find your shoe style! P.S. It's totally cool if you are all the above! Style On!