The Art of Calligraphy with Lyndsay Wright Design

Hey Guys!!

I did it! I was brave enough to sign up and take my first EVER Calligraphy class! 

You all know I am planning for my wedding in March, and there are so many cute things that one can do for a wedding. One of the things that I am dying to do, is write out the menu on a mirror. I think they look so beautiful!!! 

Practicing our shades and hairlines and how to hold the Nib.

Practicing our shades and hairlines and how to hold the Nib.

Once I get something in my head that I want to accomplish, I always figure out ways to get it done. So I started doing my research and part of that was of course... looking on Pintrest. Thank God for Pintrest! When I saw all the many fancy mirrors with writings on it, I thought to myself "HOW CAN I WRITE LIKE THAT"!? 

Before I enrolled in the class, I googled DIY calligraphy and lots of YouTube videos appeared. I saw a few YouTube videos and my mind was blown! There is so much that goes into this style of writing, and watching the videos didn't help as they were more fast paced for me. That, and I didn't understand the terminology. The videos didn't take the time to REALLY break it down either. 

I continued some more researched, and that's when I found Lyndsay Write Design Calligraphy & Hand Lettering offering beginner classes. I immediately jumped on the opportunity as her classes book up fast! I put myself on a waiting list and Lyndsay reached out to me to let me know of an opening for this past Saturday. 


Tracing over the numbers sheet.

Tracing over the numbers sheet.

Being that the wedding is 7 months away, I think that gives me more than enough time to practice and make something out of this right? :) Let's hope so...

I really enjoyed my time attending Lyndsay's class and meeting new people. She explained everything so well as far as how to hold a nib, useful strategies to perfect lettering, and where to find the products when you run out or want to advance. Although I was nervous in the beginning, I left the class thinking of everything I can do once I practice and refine the strokes! 

Taking a Calligraphy class is fun whether you decide to freelance on the side or just to experience something new. Grab a few friends, or sisters and take a class in your city. You won't regret it! It's all about having fun! 

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, sign up for one of Lindsay's classes here! 

Lyndsay Wright Design Calligraphy + Lettering
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Thanks for reading! Until the next time! 

P.S. I want to take part 2 and maybe a few more in between! Wish me luck!