Casual Smart Stripes

I know what you are thinking...What the heck does this girl mean by casual smart? I've had some people say I'm a minimalist, but I don't feel 100% in that category. What I have discovered is when you take a piece and can throw heels to change the look...THAT'S being casual smart. And THAT my friends, is exactly how I feel a lot of the times. 

Let me break it down to you with this outfit :)


First of all this blouse is 100% cotton! So it helps to stay cool :)

Casual Smart means....When you can wear it over anything.

I got this button down blouse on sale for $15 at Cotton On and I love that it's versatile! This blouse you can wear it over white capris as shown here, over white cuffed shorts tucked in with a casual skinny belt, over skinny denim jeans with a low knot at the bottom and wedges, or tucked into black skinny jeans and a blue jean jacket! Investing in a blouse that you can wear for various occasions and over different styles of bottoms is a blouse worth buying! 

Casual Smart means when you can take an outfit from day-to-night.

When you are able to switch out or change one thing about an outfit and take it from day to night, that is being CASUAL SMART! If I were to change the sandals for nude heels and roll down the pants , I can wear this outfit out at a local bar at night! If I switch out the sandals for wedges, I'm ready for brunch! 

Casual Smart is creating balance. 

As I have mentioned already, this blouse is a piece you can dress up or dress down. Casual smart means not to over do it! The word casual means "not dressy" so once you throw on heels and big statement jewelry plus let's say a blazer... that's no longer casual. It's just dressy. Which is why it's important to keep it all balanced. In this case, the white capris dressed up the look. In order to keep it casual, sandals was the way to go! 

Overall, casual smart is being able to combine dressier pieces with low key pieces. At least this is my version of casual smart :) What does casual smart mean to you? 

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