Seeing Red: The Color that Will Make You Stand Out

When someone asks me what my favorite color is, my response is Red and Blue <3 

I can't recall when I was told what I am about to tell you, but apparently red is a color that makes peoples eyes dialate. They dialate because it's an attractive color! Whether that is true or not, I seriously don't know anyone who doesn't look good in red!  

The times I have worn this blouse at work, I receive sooo many more compliments than usual. Which is why I had to share with you this red combo with feminine scalloped soft style shorts,  hoping that you might want to wear red on your next interview, date night or for a Summer/Fall outfit!  

Try to stick with a red shade and not those other in-between reds like orange red or blue red. Just pick a normal red color as it universally looks great on everyone! 

Shop the look of my fav red tops and style! 

Enjoy the rest of your week! Until the next time!