Color Block Cardigan + The Day after Election Thoughts

First and foremost, my apologies to not post this on time. It's the day after election and I fell asleep around 3am (only to wake up super early to confirm results). I can't say I am happy with the results. Yes I voted for Hillary. No I don't think she is the greatest candidate, but by far I knew he was not qualified. Yes I am hurting. Yes I am scared for what's to come. The division between America. The threat of building a wall in Mexico. The mocking of the disabled. The threats against the LGBT, Muslims, and Immigrant communities. The uncertainty of how he will govern. But most importantly, the disgusting words and actions he has had towards women. When I compare the two, there was no doubt in my mind that I would vote for his opponent because when I list all the unethical and demoralizing things that Trump has done...those beliefs do not define me. They are not what I believe in and perceive this nation to be. The single idea of unity and compassion towards others defines me. That's enough for me to have voted for Hillary. I am astonished that America would vote for someone who, throughout his whole campaign has practiced hatred, bullying, and beyond. America is not a reality show. I'll admit he's a great entertainer and performer. Now he's on the big stage...the biggest show of his life. But, as an American I can only continue to have hope that our choice will reveal itself in a positive light. 

Thank you for respecting my thoughts. I want to share what makes me the most happiest even in the toughest of and trends! 

I have been seeing lately a lot of color blocking on sweatshirts and especially cardigans! Although I do enjoying wearing bright colors, there is this larger part of me that actually considers off-white (or tan neutrals) as one of my favorite colors. One of my favorite styles of color blocking that has caught my eye, is this knit cardigan which I styled with a pop of color! 

I have seen (and maybe you have too), many styles that reflect color blocking. I love how this style and colors match a variety of bottoms and especially tops! 

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Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and this simple chic outfit with you! Positive comments only!