#Girlboss Bloggers: Style Collective Meetup


Happy Friyay! 

This post is very exciting for me to share! Since moving to Dallas over 4 years ago, it's been tough at times to connect with people with same interests. I have struggled to make new friends being that I didn't grow up here. I realized quickly that I was/am not the only one, as lots of people in the DFW area are a transplant from another city or state. Still, I couldn't honestly say that I have a set group of friends here....up until a few weeks ago. 

I decided to blog over a year ago. I did not know what exactly blogging was about. All I know is I wanted to share tips and show my style in hopes of influencing others. Pretty  basic right? NOPE! There is so much more to blogging. You can read more on my first year here !

I realized quickly that I needed to learn more about the ins' and outs' of blogging. I attended one workshop for new bloggers and I have never been the same since. It taught me the importance to constantly learn, and to engage in groups that allow you to evolve. That is when I discovered Style Collective . 

Style Collective is a group for fashion and lifestyle influencers to connect via an online community, grow their business with tips and advice, build local friendships, and reach their long term goals. Learn more here on how to join

The decision for me to join Style Collective has been one of the best decisions for me to make! The best part? While there are many, the fact that I can instantly reach out to any of these awesome #girlbosses to attend events or seek out for advice is the best feeling that I can have as a blogger. They are my style sisters. There is no competition amongst us and no judgement. Just simply a group of girls trying to reach the same goal and creating a voice through sharing fashion and life events on our respected websites. 

Who are the Dallas Style Collective Members? 

Let's begin. :)

The way I am introducing these lovely group of women is in no particular order... except for Cindy, from www.foreignfreshfierce.com . She spearheaded our SC Fall Meetup at White Rock Lake. I was in complete awe with her leadership and coordination in putting all of this together. Thank you very much Cindy! 

The coolest thing about Avani, is not only her fabulous blog but the fact that she is an interior designer! See more of her style at www.fashionbeautydecor.com

Kristi is exactly what her blog represents...grace . Her blog at www.luluwithgrace.com is filled with trends, lifestyle, travel, and beauty tips! 

What I especially love from Stephanie, is her sweet personality and charisma. I admire how she shares some of her struggles and hardship which keeps this sweet beauty authentic for her readers. She also has some rad style too! Check her out at www.signingsteph.com

Meeting Ryan felt like I knew her forever! She has a spunky and great presonality! We talked about how she needs to start her own Youtube Channel. You got to meet this woman by her Instagram handle thifsterchic

Nataly from www.beautifullelegantblog.com has such a warm and gentle spirit. I met her at that first workshop I mentioned earlier, and I'm so happy we got to reconnect over and over again. Her style is flawless everytime! 

Jennifer from www.sassyteacherchic.com always has sweet smile on her face! I learned that day that she loves flare! She knows how to style it too! What is so special about Jennifer is that she is a teacher by day, and blogger by night. I respect teachers not only for their hard work but because it runs in my family! Hence the name Sassy Teacher ;-)

Thank you to Megan Weaver who took these fab photos! You can see more of her photography on her website at www.megan-weaver.com or Instgram @meganmweaver


Thank you to JandJ Studio for putting this video together! See more of his work at www.jandjstudio.com

Looking forward to our next meet up ladies! I hope to meet more Dallas bloggers and continue to learn with Style Collective