Army Green and Stripes + Something Special

Happy Friyay! 

Finally we are having some cool weather! I am so excited! This season, I bought (for probably the first time ever) army green colored skinny jeans! This color is on trend next to burgundy and blush pink. I bought them because I loved them, but I was not too sure what to wear with it until I started to mix and match. You'll be amazed with what you can wear with army green (aka olive green) jeans! 

I decided to combine it with stripes since stripes and polka dots are my fav prints :) 

Other ways you can style army green pants are with a white tee, grey tee, beige or off white sweater (over-sized would look cute!), black blouse, polka dots, stripes, and mix prints. Strappy sandals, wedges (tan or black), open toes boots, long boots, pointy heels, or flats are other kinds of shoes that would pair well with these colored jeans! 

I am not one to wear tight clothes without wearing something over. I don't mind fitted clothing, but I feel that layering (especially around this time of year) helps to balance out the look. I love this trench style vest from INC that I found on sale for $20 at Macy's! It was certainly a steal! 

What makes this outfit special is this bag. This bag is out of season as far as the Michael Kors line goes. However, it was the last gift that my grandmother bought me before she passed the following year. So although it's not in season technically, it holds a special place in my heart of her memory. My grandma helped me pick this bag <3 I will never get rid of it because of that! You will have to bury me with it lol! My grandma didn't make much financially, but she managed to set a budget aside just to get me a great birthday present. Miss you grandma!

Until the next time and happy fall!