Blush Pink: The Color that will Change your Wardrobe

I know I am not the only one out there that wears sweaters year round. Usually my office is cold and wearing a sweater is a must! Once I step outside it's usually a different story. It's uncomfortable, I sweat (no actually I glow :-p )  or it's just too warm driving home in the car with a sweater on. I usually start seeing my car turn into a closet with all the sweaters and blazers that I wear and leave behind! So when Fall comes around I am exceptionally grateful! I don't have to worry about the heat or humidity as much. 

One of my favorite colors this season is not only burgundy and olive's the blush pink that has been catching my eye! I'm not your typical "I love pink" type of woman. Actually my favorite colors are red, blue, and in a weird way off-white. I purposely shop the men's tennis shoe section in smaller sizes to avoid anything pink on female merchandise! I dislike the fact that anything that is geared towards a woman, there's the color pink -_- 

This outfit is the exception because blush pink is classy, soft, and beautiful. 

I first spotted these Jessica Simpson blush pink skinny jeans at Macy's with no intentions of looking for them. I guess you can say they found me <3 I only own black, white, khaki and denim jeans so adding this to my wardrobe was/is different. 

I love how blush pink pants and matching sweater really changes up my wardrobe! It's a step up from regular denim jean that's for sure! You can pair this color with a white blouse, black feminine top, stripes, burgundy (coming soon to the blog), grey knit tee, chambray blouse, a darker pink...the list goes on and on! You will see more on how I style these blush pink pants in the future! Just keep checking back in for updates ;-) 

I decided to keep the rest of the look light and fresh! I paired these jeans with the off-white Aldo Shoes that are perfect for a variety of outfits! 

Shop the Look! 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!