5 Reasons Corduroy is Back in Style!

Hey guys!

We are finally getting some cool weather today! I'm excited for cooler temps because fashionistas (and maybe you too) are ready to OFFICIALLY bust out the Fall clothes! Mother nature has been tricking us with switching up the weather. This past week felt like Summer, where I was wearing sandals, shorts, and tops. Crazy! 

In honor of Fall, one of the trends that I really do like is the fact that corduroy is so in! Why is this fad so popular right now? Here are my reasons why. 

Corduroy is Retro

Yes this fabric takes me back! The last time I wore corduroy was in the 1990s! Those were the days! I love the 90s! This fabric  has made it's comeback through more modern-ish styles, such as this burgundy pencil skirt which is perfect for Fall! 

Similar to Denim

I think you can agree that everyone loves denim! If I can wear jeans everyday to work I WOULD!  Corduroy is very similar to denim and because of that, this fabric is quite comfortable. Plus they come in a variety of colors ! So if burgundy is not your thing, try a brown, navy or tan color! 

Corduroy can be dressed up or down

Again, just like jeans, you can easily dress up corduroy with a nice top (flared tops look great with this style!), or dress down with basic tees. I decided to go with this top from Macy's because I love the baseball style with a twist! Plus the furry clutch looked super cute with these color tones! 

Corduroy is 'Denim Light'

I'm not bringing up denim again! Well sort of. Basically, corduroy is a tad thicker than denim which makes this type of material perfect to wear for Fall!  With it's 100% cotton fabric and velvety ribs, it will keep you warm while being on trend at the same time. If you still have anything corduroy in your closet, believe me...it's in style! Wear it this season. 


The best part! Corduroy is affordable! Plus you can even find vintage styles at a thrift store for even a better price! 

So what are you waiting for! Dust off those old corduroy anythings, take yourself to a thrift shop, or shop the look to be on Fall's biggest trend! 

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Until the next time!