Fall's Hottest Pick: The Blanket Scarf you Need this Season!

Hello Everyone! 

I feel it's been a while since I posted but I have been posting every week! I guess there's been a lot of other things I've been focused on just for the time being. No worries! I would NOT forget about you or this blog. 

Can you believe in the past month I have had to attend 3 weddings almost every weekend! This past weekend was my last for this season and it was so much fun! In all honesty, it really inspired me. It has provided me with hope that my wedding, which is 5 months away, will be just as fun. Or at least I know I will have a great time! Open bar and great music makes all the difference! Since it was a long 8 hour drive back to Dallas, my fiance and I have begun to put together the song list for the reception. I hope all our attendees will enjoy the music that we will pick!

Anywho, since blogging over a year ago, I have the privilege to meet so many amazing women! Other bloggers in the area that support each other and some who have become my friends. 

Today I introduce you to Deborah Manusama, Family Life and Style Blogger in Dallas, Texas. 

Q: What is the name of your new online boutique and what kind of items do you sell? 
A: Mozdeb Goods & Gifts. I sell uniquely designed and reasonably priced homegoods, gifts, accessories, and some apparels. 

Q: Is there a story behind your business? 
Yes, earlier this year, I was trying to figure out another way to generate income without leaving home beside blogging and managing social media for companies. I love shopping, I love goods with good designs, and I saw the need of a store that offers them with reasonable prices. So, I used ALL of my personal savings (of money that I got from blogging and other gigs), and went ahead and start my own business!

Q: How did you get into blogging/fashion?
A: I started blogging back when I was in college, because it was mandatory as one of our assignments (I did journalism and media). I kept the blog after I graduated just for personal use, but then I started monetizing in the fall of 2015. Thankfully, it's been going well ever since.

Q: What has been the biggest accomplishment through blogging?
A: Getting emails/messages from my followers and readers that they were impacted positively by the posts. I write a lot of lifestyle stuff, but I also write a lot of inspiring things, including interviews with inspiring women. And when they impact people, I feel like I have done what I'm supposed to do. 

Q: Who is your fashion icon? 
Olivia Palermo and Christine Andrews.

Q: Describe your style
A: I would say casual chic. I love everything comfortable (converse, jeans, loose tees & dresses). But I love to pair them with a touch of elegance (pearls, rhinestones, or a really good bag). 

Q: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not blogging?
Netflix and chill with my family. 

Q: Any future plans with the launch of your new online boutique? 
We plan to participate in 3 upcoming fall/winter craft markets, including the Commerce Street Night Market in downtown Dallas on October 28. Other than that, we will keep on launching new products every 3 weeks. Hopefully people will like them!

Q: What is your website and social media links? 
A: My personal blog is mozdeb.com, my store is mozdeb.com/shop. Social media links instagram | twitter | facebook | pinterest youtube

Check out the photos we took together showcasing the blanket (aka cape) scarf that you can find on her Shop page. Enter the code VANESSA on any product you purchase to receive 15% off! 

Have fun & enjoy! 

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Until the next time!