The Dallas Symphony and SoLuna Festival Experience

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Thank you for stopping to visit! If you live in the DFW or are planning to visit, let me share with you my recent experience visiting the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) and Mariachi Wagner at the SoLuna Festival. It was my first time to attend both events and I'm so happy to have experienced something different this beautiful city has to offer!

About the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Meyerson Symphony Hall

As per the DSO Website, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra " is the largest performing arts organization in the Southwest United States". The DSO broadcasts a variety of performances throughout the year and offer distinctive programs such as pop concerts and multi-media presentations to the community and nationwide. The DSO originated back in the 1900s and has evolved to what it is today. Browse through the DSO website to learn more about the Dallas Symphony and everything that they have to offer! Be sure to check out various shows performed year round! 

Meyerson Symphony Center
2301 Flora Street
Dallas, TX 75201

What to Wear

This was one of my personal questions! I had always seen those who attended the DSO's Meyerson Symphony Center go extra fancy. Although I enjoy dressing up due to being a Fashion blogger, dressing up to the nines is not my normal style. Still, I am happy to report that cocktail style is a great happy medium! 

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Myerson Symphony Center
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Attire

Inside the Meyerson Symphony Center

Stepping into the Meyerson Symphony Center, made me feel as if I was stepping back into classic Dallas. You get this feeling of appreciation for the building which brings in so much light and artistry with it's design. I especially loved the staircase, which reminded me somewhat of the Titanic only textured in marble. The wall that is engraved with so many whom have dedicated more than just their time to the DSO is stunning! It's truly an eye catching creation that sits in the center of the staircase, which leads down to a ticket center area. Also another classic section. 

Meyerson Symphony Ceneter Dallas, Texas

Getting a Glimpse into the Hall

I understand why professional cameras are not allowed into this Hall. It's beautiful and very exclusive! Only professional photographers could capture REAL details. Even my cell phone didn't do justice. As I sat in my seat, I wondered how many generations have sat in these seats and what kind of music must they have listened to. I am sure it was AMAZING. 

Dallas Symphony Tango

The most interesting about this presentation was how they were able to compose not only spectacular music, but also incorporate professional Tango dancing. I truly feel that the combination of the two is what brought this combination to life! I appreciate that the Dallas Symphony embraces the Latin culture that resides in it's community. There is a large Latino population in the DFW, therefore, I embrace any moment that it's commemorated in any way.

Mariachi Wagner- SoLuna Festival

The SoLuna Festival , a festival operated by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, is a celebration of artists blending together to create visuals, sounds, and art that has never been seen or heard of before. It's the kind of Festival where creativity, and professionals from all over the world take the opportunity to showcase something new. 

SoLuna Festival Moody Performance Hall Dallas
SoLuna Festival Mariachi Wagner
Moody Performance Hall Dallas, Texas

Another first for me! I have to admit I was extra excited to attend this event because Mariachi's are a staple in the Mexican culture. Being of Mexican descent myself, I was eager to find out how a Mariachi group can mesh with classical music. Something that my ears have never heard before. 

This event took place in the Moody Performance Hall, which is literally right down the street from the Meyerson Symphony Center. With it's clear glass doors and windows, just passing by this performance hall you can see that there is a lot of space for people to mingle. I enjoyed the open space and the well priced concession stand before entering the arena to watch the show. 

The Mariachi group was performed by Mariachi Rosas Divinas, which is all Female Mariachi group in Dallas. They not only looked beautiful but played phenominal. A blend of classical with Mariachi tunes is exactly what we listened to that evening. 

One of the girls from  Mariachi Rosas Divinas

One of the girls from Mariachi Rosas Divinas

I am originally from a smaller town, where the Latino population is more prevalent. Which is why it makes me SO happy to attend events that incorporate Latin culture. I would highly recommend attending an event with the SoLuna Festival (which offers events all through May 28th), and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra before the end of the year! 

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