How to Avoid Blogger Burnout

How to Avoid Blogger Burnout

Vanessa in Dallas, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Well... at least I try to! I have been blogging since 2016, and I recently hit a crash. Something that has not happened for a LONG while. I have been trying to stay on top of everything since I decided to dedicate my blog into my lifestyle. So needless to say, I think I deserve a pass for this one, right? 

Creating blog posts monthly, let alone weekly, is very hard! Trying to juggle work, the DFW Latina Bloggers community, my blog, and my personal life is not an easy task. Asides from my recent burnout experience about a week ago, I try my best to avoid blogger burnout. 

Here are a few tips: 

Plan Ahead

I have a planner for this very reason! I write down all my ideas in my planner, and I push myself to commit to deadlines. Yes, sometimes it doesn't workout as planned, but I check off more on my list than skip them. I get frustrated when I have an idea, then forget it later because I didn't write it down. 

Do non-blogger activities

This one is huge! Even though I am obsessed with the world of blogging (and mainly everything I've learned about online marketing from it), it's so important that I get involved with other things that have nothing to do with blogging. Something as simple as a jog (we want to sign up for the Dallas Half Marathon by the way!) or doing things around the house, make all the difference in shifting my focus. It's important to exercise my brain to focus on something different at times. 

Leveraging off my Support System

Another biggie! I have been so lucky to have people that just allow me to be me. Meaning, when I want to try something new or do this or that, I don't really ever encounter bad judgement on their part. It's refreshing to know that all the highs and lows that come my way in this industry, I have my tribe that support me! This includes my followers, aka friends! 

Take photos in bulk

Taking photos in bulk helps me save some time! It especially helps me save a few weekends to spend with my husband. I try to take with me
5-6 outfits on every photoshoot, and we just try to get as much in as we can. We recently bought a new lens for our Nikon camera! We are so stoked, and have already noticed how much quicker we are at taking photos. Why? Because the quality is so much better, that is captures the image we envision quicker. It's been a great investment! 

Pre-schedule Posts and Photos

I have yet to find a scheduling platform such as CoSchedule (which works great with Wordpress), to function well with However, I have started to use Hootsuite to preschedule blog posts, and photos on my facebook page and twitter. It's a good platform to start off with, and I do hope eventually there will a content scheduler that syncs well with Squarespace. This is a huge relief on my end! As a blogger, making sure your blogs and photos are repurposed is important to continue the engagement! By prescheduling these in advance, it has lifted a weight off of my shoulders! 

Meditate and Exercise

I totally get why people encourage meditation. It seemed silly for me at first because I didn't understand the concept. A friend of mine encouraged me to try it. I found HeadSpace which is an app that guides your thoughts during meditating. It's so wonderful, and I try to meditate 7-10 min in the morning before I start the day. It's good to start the day with a clear mind, and giving yourself some you time. As for exercise, its a great way to relieve stress! 

Wake up early

I am happy to say that I have been waking up at 7:30am almost everyday! When you work from home, like me, the biggest challenge is disciplining yourself on a schedule. When I wake up early, I not only get my WORK done first, but I have more time to focus on my blog and other things. It's also very refreshing to know I had a productive work day, even though I'm either in my PJs, library, or at a coffee shop. All very relaxing environments, but also places where you can easily feel like actually not doing work! haha!  


This is something that I want to try and start doing. A few of my friends have recommended that I start journaling to pour out my thoughts, ideas, and feelings. The thing is, I just haven't started YET! I am including it here because I want to share this as a suggestion for others wanting to prevent burnout as well. 

How I Avoid Blogger Burnout

Blogger or not, what are some ways you avoid being burnt out in your daily life? Comment below! Thanks for reading :)

Vanessa in Dallas, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger