We all have done it... got nothing to wear and start looking through the boyfriends (or husbands) t-shirts. If you think this is weird, it won't be after you read this! It's amazing what you can find, and the ways in which you can style your boyfriend's t-shirt can come out awesome! This is how I styled my boyfriend's Guess T-Shirt... GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I focused on the color that least appeared on the shirt, and paired it with a color similar; such as this carmine colored, pleated skirt.


Due to this shirt being over-sized, I decided to tie a knot to keep this look intact and not sloppy. I added a feminine necklace to soften the masculinity of the shirt.

Tip: Be careful with over-sized shirts! If you decide to tuck them in, make sure you can't see the bulge! Otherwise, knot it up!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Finally, I wanted to have a little fun! I paired this look with some leopard print heels and a maroon bag to keep this outfit looking chic!

Tip of the Day! If you decide to wear one of your boyfriends T-shirts, the key is to feminize it! You won't go wrong!

XOXO Vanessa