Howdy ya'll! I'm going to be completely honest..... I don't want Summer to End! I feel as if I was just getting started with my Summer Wardrobe! I am not ready to trade in my sandals for some closed toe boots! This month is my last chance to wear anything that shows some skin, or keeps me cool. One of which is this off-the-shoulder embroidered top.

Here is how I dressed up my simple off-the-shoulder blouse.

As you can see, this off-the-shoulder blouse is SIMPLE! What makes it a bit more "upscale"  is the embroidery that is detailed on the blouse. However, it is very possible to dress down this blouse by throwing on some black thong sandals.


The first thing you want to do is NOT wear flat sandals; thong, gladiator, strappy, etc. It doesn't mean that flat sandals won't add style to this look, it just won't give it the same effect compared to what a heel wedge would give. Try a wedged heel from Elaine Turner (a Texas gal herself!!).

Aren't they gorgeous!!!???


Focus on your handbag. I picked this shoulder bag in peach or pastel pink (whatever color your eyes see, haha) because this color is great for Summer! It's fun, and cheery. This kind of classic style bag, and the color are timeless! You can use a bag like this time and time again! Great investment!

You can always throw on a variety of accessories to dazzle up this outfit. It really depends on which direction you want to go in and what kind of event your  attending. A  dinner/lunch date, you might want to add some bling round your neck and wrists. I decided to keep it simple with a ring and bangle bracelet to keep this look effortlessly chic.

And there you have it! Dressing up a simple off the shoulder blouse with minimal effort and accessories. You can always take this look to another level by switching out high waist blue jean shorts with dress shorts.

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Embroidered Chiffon Off-the-shoulder-top

Embroidered Open Shoulder top

High Waist Frayed Denim Shorts

Steve Madden Wedge

Coach Mini Leather Tote (Watermelon)

Abolone Doublet Round Ring

XOXO Vanessa

Photo Credit: VuMan Photography


I LOVE the maxi skirt! I love even more the pleated maxi skirt. It's fresh, light and you can easily dress it up or dress it down. Pleated skirts come in short and long lengths. You can wear a pleated skirt in the fall and winter by dressing it up with a cardigan, sweater, hoodies, tights, boots...honestly.. you can dress a pleaded skirt with just about anything! We will worry about fall LATER... and still enjoy all that is left for Summer! This is my favorite way to dress a pleated midi skirt for the season.

I decided to tuck in my racerback tank top because I wanted to identify my waist. You can technically wear a tank untucked, however keep in mind that you may lose your shape. Wearing a tank tucked in with a pleaded skirt can work with any body type.

I kept my sandals VERY simple as I want to keep this look laid back and comfortable. The black criss-cross straps on the sandals, also match the elastic band the pleated maxi skirt provides.

I really enjoy accessorizing! I added my this leopard print cross body to add a bit more personality to this look. Without this print bag, the outfit would look too simple. My advice? Always add something that is eye catching to a simple look.