Beginner Pilates- What you Should Know

Beginner Pilates- What you Should Know

I have had at least 3-4 session with Kylene Law, Pilates Instructor at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio in Dallas, Texas and let me tell you…i’ve been impressed.

When Kylene invited me to try pilates, I said sure. Thinking it was probably not as tough compared to other workouts I’ve done in my life. Here is what I learned about Pilates that I think you should know.


Pilates is Tough

Don’t underestimate what pilates can do! It’s tough both mentally and physically. Pilates challenges you to think about how you need to move your body in order to get the exercise correct. It also makes you focus on coordination and triggering muscles that maybe have not been activated in a while.

Pilates is an Entire Body Workout

From head to toe, Pilates is an entire body workout! I love that stretching exercises are incorporated as well, which allows more room for your body to move and accomplish other exercises. My core, legs, or arms would shake during our session because of how much effort I was putting in.


Pilates is a Long Term Exercise

Since having had my car accident June 2018, I’ve tried to sought out things that are going to help me longterm. I sometimes get bored of running or lifting weights, so Pilates was a good “new” for me. I can see how it can help someone get stronger for longterm sustainability due to the stretching, strengthening, and incorporating poses that challenge you to hold your own body weight. It’s amazing and anyone who enjoys a challenging workout at a slower pace, would definitely enjoy Pilates!

Pilates is great for overall Health

I have always said that as long as you are moving your body in some way, that is great for your health! I love that Pilates is a full body workout and in a way, incorporates some yoga too. Pilates has a lot of key elements that you will need to stay strong long term.

Mindful Movements Pilates Studio Dallas, TX

You are going to be sore!

Yes, yes and more yes! I was sore all over for a few days, but it was the great kind of sore haha. If that even exist!

About Mindful Movement Pilates

Mindful Movement Pilates offers personalized training that will help you feel great everyday. They specialize in private or small group instruction classes to ensure that you are not only getting a great workout but tailoring to your needs.


3720 Rawlins St, Dallas TX, 75219 – Suite L

What are your thoughts on Pilates? I understand it might not be for everyone but it’s worth giving it a try before deciding if it’s for you. Thanks for stopping by!

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