Advice for the First Time Cold Press Detox Juicer

Before I begin, please note that this is based on my experience only. Every person and everyone’s body is different and will have a different experience when detoxing.

I first was introduced to the word long ago when a friend of mine spoke about how healthy juicing can be and even knew people who juiced as part of their lifestyle. A second time I heard about detoxing via juicing, was through a close friend of mine. So many great benefits, includes many of the raw nutrients we need, and flushes out all the things we don’t.

When I ordered and tried the fruit based juice (versus vegetable with Squeezed), the drinks were delicious! I enjoyed most of them as they all had a sweet taste. Upon ordering, I was enthusiastic and yet clueless to this kind of detox. I ordered the 4 day, thinking it was a few juices a day while eating healthy.

I had only done one detox before with Advocare and it wasn’t juice based, but rather taking probiotics, lots of water and eating healthy. So needless to say, i thought this was sort of the same thing. Again, clueless to what kind of detox this was. The juices came in SUPER quick. I had ordered in the late afternoon and it was there within 24 hours! Talk about fast shipping.

What I did wrong

Let’s start with the bad. I knew I was going to start detoxing Monday. I received my juices Wednesday. I was leaving out of town Thursday, so I didn’t bother to start juicing until I got back. By this time, I had realized that this kind of detoxed required no eating and literally juicing what felt like all day. Soooo… i ate A LOT from Thursday until Sunday. I ate everything I wanted. A mix of healthy and not healthy foods. I guess the thought of not eating for 4 days got to me. Sunday was my birthday, and if you didn’t see my instastories, I went to Opa Greek Tavern and have a delicious mousalla for dinner and topped off the evening with rich chocolate cake. So what did I do wrong? I read under the FAQs page and through my research that, it’s a good idea to prep before you juice by eating healthy light meals. I was doing the total opposite of that.

What I did right

Through the detox, I learned that as soon as I started to get hungry.. I drank water followed by the next juice of the day which was a snack. My hunger would go away and I felt fine. I also read that if you do get really hungry that you can eat a small bowl of vegetables. I did go grocery shopping and bought carrots, brussel sprouts, green beans, and broccoli. We needed those items anyway lol.

How Long did I detoxed for?

Well this is embarassing, but I told you I was going to be honest. After I ordered these juices and recieved the shipment of 5 juices a day (plus the extra in case you want to use it as a filler drink), it hit me that this is alllll I would be drinking for 4 days. I am one who loves to snack a lot during the day. I have a fast metabolism so I feel as if i’m always hungry lol. This is why detoxing in this way was very challening for me. It’s truly a mental challenge, and therefore I only last the first day.

What did I do with the rest of the 3 days? I threw them. Lol no just kidding! These juices were too delicious to do such a thing! My husband detoxed for 2 days and a friend of mine detoxed for 1 day. It was good to gain their perspective. My husband thought the juices were good, but for his pallate he would of preferred the vegetable based. Not surprised considering anything sweet (besides ice cream and cake) he doesn’t like too much. While my friend on the other hand, did very well with the juices, enjoyed the flavors (as so did I), and wasn’t much hungry during the day. Keep in mind, all of us 3 had never detoxed by juicing so this is a good example on how it depends on the person.

Final Thoughts

I definitely see why juicing to detox every so often is a good thing. It does give you intestines a break, makes you feel light and not bloated, and you gain nutrients that perhaps you don’t gain on the daily. I would definitely do this again, but with a twist. Next time I decide to juice, I don’t plan to eat super heavy days before, and I also want to plan my in-between veggie meals before hand. I learned that I need to eat something. I also learned how much I loved snacking on these juices and also drinking them for breakfast! So much so, that I’ve looked into a juicer or plan to put in an order in the future :)

If you have never detoxed via juicing before, give it a try. Just listen to your body as you know your body best :)

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