#IPINKICAN: Lessons I've Learned through the Women I've Followed

#IPINKICAN: Lessons I've Learned through the Women I've Followed

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and I’ve partnered with Stage who is turning Pink to help spread awareness with #IPINKICAN . For every post on Facebook or Instagram during October with the hashtag of #ipinkican, Stage will be donating $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (up to $25,000). Another part of this effort is to share my moment of when I have felt my best as well as moments of inspiration.

Continuing to raise awareness on this topic is very important, so that we one day find a cure. I truly believe that if we find a cure for breast cancer, it can open the doors to finding the cures of so many other cancers that affect women and men. I hope that I live long enough to see this happen. Since starting my blog in 2015, I have met so many amazing women who are moms, entrepreneurs, leaders in their field, and world changers. In honor of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am dedicating this blog post to all women who have battled breast cancer, still fighting, or are beginning to fight. I also dedicate this blog post for those in remembrance.

While no one in my immediate circle has been diagnosed with Breast cancer, I follow those that do. I watch their stories, read their captions, keep them in prayer and in essence they become a part of my life. All these women, highlight some major characteristics in their own respected ways. They have taught me more by their influence than I could have ever learned. Not only am I sharing my go-to superpower outfit that makes me feel my best, but also sharing a little of what I have learned from these inspiring women.


My definition of vulnerability, is sharing with the world your private circle to where you are subject to criticism. These women who have shared their Breast Cancer stories showcase their vulnerability. It’s a strength I truly admire.  


Understanding what the situation is without having the power to change it. We all have gone through very personal situations in life where we can’t control or change the outcome immediately. A part of acceptance is full taking it in.

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Love harder. Everyday, every second with the ones who surround you.


To be brave even in the most difficult of times. Keep pushing and don’t give up. When you are feeling tired, make the extra effort.


The action necessary keep on pushing and to keep on living. To get you to reach your dreams, achieve goals, and leave a legacy.

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The spirit that keeps on fighting.


The ability to laugh at oneself, or to make light of a hard situation.

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Needless to say, I admire these women that I follow and for everything that they have shared online. Here is how you can get involved this month for Breast Cancer Awareness:

Stage is turning October into Pink October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month and wants to encourage everyone to share their own moments of strength, inspiration, or when they feel their best. Head to your local Stage store or shop Stage online to shop for your own superpower outfit, or take part in their various give back initiatives throughout the month. They have select “pink” items with 50% of the purchase from sales of these items going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition, you can help Stage give back by sharing your own moments of strength or when you feel your best self. For every post on Facebook or Instagram during October with the hashtag of #ipinkican, Stage will be donating $1 to the foundation (up to $25,000). Find out more at Stage.com/IPINKICAN

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