Happy Vday + Life Update with My Love

Hey guys!

It's been a long time since I've done any sort of personal updates on my blog. I think I may need to thoroughly write on here a few updates as they come. 

Firs of all, if you have been following my Instagram/Instastories... we got a new home earlier this month :D It's been one of the most exciting moments in our lives. Of course getting married was first, but this kind of excitement is one that I think we will be high on for the rest of the year! 

I have dreamed of having a home since I can remember. Some girls always dream of getting married, I dreamt of owning or having a home. I plan to do an update soon on house hunting (and provide some advice on a blog post) and our experiences just in case someone might want some insight on the current market. 

Valentine's day at home

Decision Making 

Now since we have a home we are making some life changes. Mortgages aren't a joke! The best part about my husband is that we always have a plan and talk finances. We have shifted our finances around and understand who will be paying what. Having this open communication is so KEY when major life changes like this happen! So we are trying our best to balance wants and needs. The things we can do ourselves, we will just do ourselves instead of paying out of pocket such as move our stuff. Yes, its hard labor but we got this :D 

Home Decor

Part of my dream of always owning a home, is being able to decorate! Now, just for the record, i'm trying not to get all crazy with decor because I know my wallet won't thank me. But here is what we have bought so far, and also what I'm planning to purchase as the months continue! Just so you can get a glimpse into our style that we are aiming for and perhaps this might inspire you on a few home decor items for yourself!  

My Home Decor Favs

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day at Home

As far as what we are going to do for Valentine's day. We are going to have a quiet dinner at the new house. The first Valentine's we've ever had, we cooked spaghetti, had some wine and watched a violent movie lol. We laugh about that movie now because it was far from romantic. I think the fact that we will be cooking for the first in our home and spend it in silence (no TV or wifi) is romantic in itself. 

Happy Valentine's Day loves! 

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