Avya Skincare: The New Skin Care Products for all Skin Tones

Avya Skincare: The New Skin Care Products for all Skin Tones

Avya Skincare

It's been an adventure when trying to choose which skincare products are good for my skin. I usually am the general store type of girl in which I try to make smart choices on beauty products for my wallet. However, I've come to realize that not all general store products that are produced at a Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart are always the best products for my skin. I do use some products from these stores, but when it comes to a beauty regime, sometimes picking some beauty products that are in better quality also produces better results. 

Which is why I am happy have gotten introduced to Avya Skincare! Here are the two products that I am currently inlove with.

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1) SPF Day Cream

Avya SPF Moisturizer is so lightweight! This is hard to come by in a SPF moisturizer. Usually the ones that I have used in the past are thick as if it was SPF to use for the beach. That type of SPF tends to clog my pores so I was usually  trying to stick with an SPF that was already built into my makeup. I'm happy to have found the SPF Day Cream Moisturizer with SPF 20, that I can take with me when I travel and also to use everyday. 

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2.) Night Moisturizer with Vitamin A

Every girl needs to have a night moisturizer, ASAP!  The combination of a day and night moisturizer, must be part of your skin care regime because these will keep your skin looking healthy the longest. Plus Avya Night Moisturizer has an additional vitamin A in the mix!

Avya Skincare includes Neem, Peony, and Turmeric extracts plus technology that changes the game in regular skincare products. 

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I would highly recommend checking out Avya Skincare in particular because their night and day time products are something we women need to use daily.  Why not make it worth while and pick a quality product!? 

Thoughts, Comments...leave them below! 

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