Feeling Stitchy in an Embroidered Dress by Stitch Fix

Happy Friyay! 

This week was a short week and I'm so glad! A day closer to seeing family, and also a few days from being exactly 6 months away from the wedding! I can't believe it's getting so close! Still not bridezilla, and still not freaking out THAT much. ...yet :-p

While other parts of the US might be feeling a little breeze, it's still pretty hot here in Texas with temperatures hitting upper 90s. One of the trends that I saw the most this Summer was crochet tops and embroidery in tops, shorts, and on Summer dresses. I get that Summer is supposed to be over but it sure doesn't feel like it.

Just so you know, I have been working a part time job with Stitch Fix. YES I'm a Stitch Fix stylist, and yes it's fun! I get to style different people and have received positive feedback mostly so far. That is where I ran into this dress. I LOVED IT and would send it to other customers, so why not send it to myself!!?? 

There are only 2 kinds of body shapes; apples and pears. Realistically my body frame would be considered a pear because I hold all of my weight at the body and I'm lighter at the top half. To be funny, I would say I'm more like a banana! lol! My weight is evenly distributed in my opinion :-p.

 ANYWAY! Its very rare when a dress in this shapes fit me well and still provides a figure. Which is why I HAD TO buy this dress because I don't own any like this until now. 

I love the high collar on this dress! High collars such as this makes you look taller and leaner if you feel comfortable with this kind of style. The detailing on this dress is amazing! It's a great quality dress and perfect for brunch with friends, an outdoor or special event. 

You've seen these clogs before! You can easily pair this dress with cork or tan wedges, but these styles of clogs are also trending versus the old school ones with the covered front. Nothing wrong with the old ones! Just sayin' ;-) The fact that these have the studs or buttons on the side takes these clogs to another level of being stylish. Best of all, they match with a lot of things! 

 I added this orange crossbody bag to bring out the yellow hue on this dress. It works well also with the clogs! 

Shop this look and some of my fav embroidered dresses and tops!


Have a great weekend & TGIF! 





P.S. this is not an ad for Stitch Fix! Just wanted to share where I found this dress and how on trend it is! I sincerely love it! <3