Today's Topic: Wide Leg Trousers! Yes or No?

I'm dying for Fall to officially arrive! I'm so ready to layer it up with cardigans, hoodies, boots and especially scarves! I'm like the scarf queen! About 2 years ago, a lot of my family gifted me scarves for Christmas! I guess it was obvious I'm in love with them :) 

Until we start dipping into cooler temps (which we have occasionally started in the early mornings and late evenings), I'm still going to show off a little bit of skin with sleeves tops, shorts and dresses. Apparently everyone else is too with it being warm everywhere else! 

Just to keep you up to date, about 4 months ago I got promoted to Regional Sales Director at my work. I have only been working with the company for 2 years now, so to get promoted in less than that amount of time is a big deal to me. I received my Masters degree in 2013 in Health Policy and Management. My goal was to work within a hospital setting with administration. It's very competitive to get in! Somehow working in sales and marketing has given the opportunity to be a leader and oversee communities in Texas. I have enjoyed what I do to be quite honest. However, one thing is for sure. Since this promotion, I'm in dire need to change up my wardrobe! I need to look the part, don't you agree?

For Work

Wearing slacks and dress shirts is all I wear. These wide leg pants for an office type setting are perfect! I would totally add a cardigan or blazer though, as my office tends to get cold. I could even pair a button down blouse to go with these trousers for a more professional look. 

For a Night Out

If you are bold, I would try a crop top to go with these wide leg pants! If not, a racer back like the one I'm wearing is great for going out. However I would probably switch to open toe shoes versus closed toe. They are more fun for a night out! I also recommend wearing color such as a bright blue, or red with a feminine or cut out top (i.e. cold shoulder tops). 

For a Special Event

I can definitely see myself wearing these trouser pants with a lace crop top, shiny statement necklace, bangles, and sparkly stud earrings! Crop tops don't necessarily mean that it'll show off your mid-section. Due to these trouser pants also being high waisted, chances are, you will not show off your bare mid-section, but will show off your tiny waist the trousers will provide! 

Don't mind the side bra lol. 

I decided to add this tribal crossbody bag to add some structure and lines to this look. I love that this bag has a hint of fringe...just the right amount. :) For a work setting, definitely go with a bigger tote bag for more room to throw snacks, a water bottle, etc. For a night out or special event, switch it out for a clutch or crossbody bag. You can't go wrong! 

Shop the look! 

Next week is my birthday! Hope you can celebrate with me <3 Happy Wednesday!