Diner En Blanc: His & Her Outfit Ideas

I'm so excited to be attending the 2nd annual Diner en Blanc in Dallas! It's filled with excitement, elegance, and anticipation! Last year, i'll admit I was stressed out trying to buy and learn what Diner en Blanc was all about. Trying to figure out how to decorate the table, what we can or cannot bring, and most of all...what to wear! 

Diner en Blanc is an event that takes place across the globe! It all started with a man who would occasionally have a picnic at the park with his friends. His friends started to invite their friends, and thus the picnic grew. In order for everyone to identify themselves as part of the annual picnic, they dressed in white. That is when Diner en Blanc was born! However, what makes it so appealing is not only the secret location (which is a surprise), but also how exclusive it is! Not everyone gets to attend Diner en Blanc. You need to be quick to register because it sells out within minutes!

Fun Fact! Last year I received the 2nd runner up for "Most Fashionable Female" at Diner en Blanc Dallas! I was so excited as I had no idea those types of recognition's were going to take place. 

Here is what I wore last year, and also what my then boyfriend (now fiance) wore as well :)



Where is it going to take place this year? I will let you know soon! Keep reading next week to find out!