It's My Birthday! Celebrating 30 years of Life <3

Today I have hit what apparently is a milestone in life. The big 3-0! The "end of my youth", entering "old age", "already lived half of my life" and that "after today things go down hill"...or so I've heard.

I say... forget all the naysayers and negative nancy's!! If anything has changed from the last milestone when I was 25 years, I can honestly say that I can care less about what people think on what turning 30 really means. However I wouldn't be 100% honest with you if I said that I have been excited about turning 30. The idea of turning 30 has had it's ups and downs for the mere fact that I am leaving my 20s. I LOVED my 20s and I can be 29 forever. That's my perfect little world. Here is the truth...


Age is really just a number and the quote "you are only as old as you feel" is true. 

In addition, I have never been happier in my life! I have been living in this beautiful city for the past 4 years with lots of opportunities and great people, I have a wonderful job as a Regional Sales Director which in turn allows me to invest in my passion of blogging and eceteras, I love our new 2 bedroom and 2 bath apartment which I'm enjoying to decorate, I have a great support system of friends I've made here, friends back in my hometown, and my awesome family, I work an additional (flexible) part time job with Stitch Fix which I am grateful for, I am involved with the crossfit community Mental Giants Crossfit, I came out healthy in a recent physical (yay!), and best of all....I am engaged and marrying the best person ever (seriously!) !

There really is nothing to complain about. When I think about turning 30 and everything I have accomplished so far. I am just grateful to be alive. There are so many people, for whatever reason, don't make it to see 30. 

Finding out who you are. 

It was in my early 20s that I was the most confused with what I wanted to do as a career and just life in general. I struggled to deal with living in a small town and being limited to what I knew I was capable of. I had a lot of trouble with dating and meeting all sorts of the wrong people. Those years were probably some of the toughest years of my life as I was discovering who I was, who I wanted to be, and what kind of person I wanted to be with. I'm happy to report that by the time you are 30, you have more self awareness. At least, I hope you do! 

Making smart life decisions and taking a leap of faith.

I moved to Dallas 4 years ago on a savings account. I didn't even have a job here! I only came with a good (gut) feeling, a U-Haul with all my belongings, my dog Ginger and cat Hailey, and my savings account. Track back a little. After graduating with a Master's Degree, I thought finding a job in my hometown would be easy peasy. However 8 months of applying everywhere and anywhere at that point, I didn't even get an interview! I knew I had to make a huge decision. I started applying to San Antonio and Dallas. Those are the only 2 cities I could ever see myself living in at that time. Because I was getting good responses from the Dallas area, I decided to move. It was risky (and ballsy) as I was literally leaving behind my family, friends, and even Ivans' and I relationship was iffy. Me moving without him? and for how long? There were no answers at that moment. I just knew in my gut I had to move. Luckily my first day I moved to Dallas was the day I had 1 interview. That 1 interview is all it took to land me a job. Whew! Now thinking back, I don't think I would ever do that again lol! BUT having said that, that decision has put me where I am at today and the opportunities I have received here, I would have NEVER received them back home.

Having a job and working on my passion. 

The more and more I talk to people outside of work, the more I realize they don't only have a 9-5. So many people have side jobs or side hobbies and I think that's wonderful! More people need to be creative and work on something other than their 40 hours a week job! Don't tell me that you love going to the office everyday and that's it!? I recently picked up calligraphy. What am I going to do with Calligraphy? I have no idea! It makes me happy though, and it's relaxing so I am going to continue to learn and see where it goes. I blog. Does it make me money? For the most part no. Even though I have gotten paid for a few blogs, it's not bringing in a continuous stream of income. It is a passion and it makes me happy. That's all that matters. I know if I was not blogging which keeps me involved in the fashion world, I would be depressed, maybe even angry and most of all I wouldn't be myself. Working and Blogging is a healthy mix for me and a perfect balance. My advice is find your balance and make it work for you whether it makes you money or not. Your happiness and sanity is worth it.

Exercising and eating healthy-ish

Eventually it all catches up. As I've grown older, I've become more health conscious and concerned about what I put into my body. When I eat like crap, I feel like crap. When I don't exercise, I don't feel rested and thus feel sluggish. I am not productive at work and without me knowing, affects my mood. Although I don't eat 100% healthy all the time (not sure who does), I have changed my ways from the way I used to eat. Even taking a daily vitamin has been part of my routine, especially the most recent Vitamin D which has made me feel so much more like myself with energy. Eating healthy now is something I've learned a long the way in hopes I won't pay for it so much later :) 

Not sweating the small stuff.  

I used to make a deal about the smallest things. I swear I would even argue with my mom about the stupidest things. I know we've all done it. We are all human. The way I think now, is definitely a stretch to how I would think before. Now, I appreciate the small things in life. I don't need the newest phone, or drive a luxurious car. Would I like those things? Yes. But they don't define my happiness, and quite frankly, we are able to live without having the newest in anything. Overall, I try not to worry about the things that are not important and focus on the things that matter. If I can tell my younger self one thing it would be to not argue, fight, or fret about the small things that really don't matter at the end. 

Being thankful for something everyday.

This is something new that I have been doing, thanks to one of my best friends who suggested it. We talked about the ways in which we could be more positive during the day even when times get tough. We started to text or send a chat via gmail about what we are thankful for for that day. We have to think of 2-3 things and share it with each other. Although we haven't been consistent in sharing our "thankfuls" with one another because we get busy during the day at our jobs,  I have made sure that I do continue to at least think about what I am thankful for during the day. In essence I end up talking to myself, but nonetheless I do it. It has made me happier, and more positive during the day. It ultimately ties in with not sweating the small stuff and to be grateful for what is occurring in the present.

Realizing that family is important.

I remember when I was younger my mom and I would argue about this. I was ALWAYS with my friends, and I'll admit that there was a time where they came first. Not that I did not care about my family, but I knew they were always going to be there, and it was my time to venture out and find myself. That, and I was being a little selfish. Some things I regret because I got too involved with my friends and our little world, but I get it now. It took me visiting a 3rd world country (Bolivia during my internship for 2 months) and moving away to realize it. Family is VERY important and it's better to cherish them now while they are still here. I'm glad that I am able to still have my parents and value my time spent with them and my sisters.

Starting a savings or IRA account.

Need I say more? Lol . I seriously now truly care about retirement. Work on it now! Get an IRA or something to save because from what I've seen, Social Security is NOT enough to survive on! It's not too late! 

Staying home or go to a bar? Stay Home.

It's ok to accept the fact that you're boring. Lol jk! If you are past your 30s or near it, you are probably experiencing this same phenomenon. You rather stay home and drink a glass of wine, then go out to a bar. I hear you! And that's ok! There is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact with everything going on in the world, this might be your safest bet! I find I love spending time at home, or with friends at their place than go out and stay out late. Weird? Na, it just comes with age :-p

30 and no kids? There is nothing wrong with that.

Some people back home might think 30 is too old already (typical small town mentality and a mix of the Mexican culture) and by now I should have had at least 1 child. While my friends back home are on their 2nd or 3rd child, I am very happy I don't have any kids. They are expensive! And quite frankly I'm too damn selfish! I LOVE that Ivan and I can take off whenever we want, do whatever we want, have that piece and quiet that we wouldn't have otherwise, discover ourselves, and figure out who we are as a couple. I also feel that because Ivan and I didn't rush into things, we have gotten to know each other so well and are having fun before we settle in more. Are children a blessing? I'm sure they are, but do I regret not having kids "younger"? Absolutely not. That'll come with time :)

I realize it's a long post today! I do hope that you find these experiences helpful and something that you can relate to. I would love to hear your thoughts and life experiences that can be added to this list that 30 somethings need to know! 

Gotta go for now! Time to partay :-D