Easy DIY Tacky Christmas Sweater

It's that time of year! Ugly/tacky sweaters are a load of fun, and everyone who has a good sense of humor joins in! They are not supposed to be glamorous. They are supposed to look quirky, odd, mismatched and well... tacky! 

My tacky sweater did NOT take me long to make. It's the easiest tacky sweater to put together. Here's how! 

1. Find a blue sweater! You will see why. My vision consisted of a snowman and snow flakes. What would look better on a blue sweater than a snowman and snowflakes!? I bought this one for $2.99 at the Garland Thrift Store . It's ribbed, vintage, and fit pretty well. This style is pretty easy to find. If not, try a cotton blue sweatshirt which you can find anywhere! 

2. Buy the items! I know there are other creative ways to create a tacky sweater in a blue color. However, if you are in a rush and need something stat, then go for the snowflakes, snowman, with a touch of silver trimming. I bought all of these items at Dollar Tree! Total; $6. Score!

This is part of step 2! While you are out and about grabbing your items for the sweater, also grab a glue gun! I already had this glue gun because I tend to get in my crafty moods so I didn't spend here. On average, a glue gun cost is $7 but i'm sure you can find a cheaper one online or elsewhere. Glue sticks usually cost $5 or less. Pricing depends on where you go to get these items!

3. Make a few measurements if necessary. I wanted to trim only the collar (crew neck) area, so  I had to make sure the length was the correct size. If this step does not apply to you, move on to step 4! 

4. Start gluing ! 

Last step is to wear it of course! 


Super easy right!? You can also see this post featured on Style By Ryn, who is another blogger and stylist in the DFW area. You can find her on Instagram  ,  Pintrest, Facebook, and Twitter !  

I am very happy to have created something just in the time for the Holidays! I hope it encourages you to create a snowman tacky sweater this year! 

Until the next time!