FALL-ing into Winter with Jogger Pants

Depending on where you live, this might be a bit difficult. I apologize in advance to be showing an outfit that might be difficult to wear during this transitional season! The beauty of following other bloggers, aka fashionistas, is that you get to see how everyone is dressing during the seasons. What someone in Wisconsin, Illinois,  and other northern states might be wearing ...someone in the more southern states is not! While the weather fluctuates almost the same in Texas as everywhere else (either it's cold or hot), we are able to still show a little skin sometimes meanwhile it's extremely cold everywhere else! By skin, I mean, open toe shoes in some way!

Take a look at how I styled these black jogger pants during this transitional season :) 

Normally, when it's really cold out, I would not wear these shoes. However, for Fall, as long as my toes are covered I'm A-OK. What I love most about this look is the style of the coat. It keeps me warm enough and cool for these in between temperatures. I'm neither cold or hot with this look :)

This look is perfect for those in-beteween temps! 

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Until the next time! Ciao!