Summer Shopping in Between Seasons Checklist

Summer Shopping in Between Seasons Checklist

Although technically we are already in the “Fall season”, the weather is still hot in Texas. Until colder weather starts, will the Summer sales end. Which is why I am listing for you a quick shopping list of the things to look for when you are out and about shopping, and how making a small investment on these Summer items will come in handy for next year.

Vanessa in Dallas Summer Shopping

Swimsuits, Beach Towels & Cover Ups

If you are not quite into swimsuit trends, then investing in a few swimsuits is a must! I recently visited target where I bought 2 swimsuits for $38. That is a bargain considering 1 of those swimsuits were $27 by itself. With that being said, some stores to look out for: Target, Walmart, Macy’s to name a few. I recently found a one-size fits all swimsuit cover up that my sisters and i wore. We loved it and it was only $13!

Hats and Accessories

Large sun hats and cat eye/dark shades will never go out of style. Why not invest in a few of these for next year? Another item to add to your list is the bamboo style bag (see below) which come in half moon shapes, boxed shape and other. I also have this in black!

Vanessa in Dallas- Summer Dress and Bag

Wedges and Sandals

I have always had a pair of wedges for Summer. Classic wedges are also a great item to add to your closet if you don’t have them already. Keeping it simple with thong sandals or slides are another way to go!

Outdoor Furniture

Looking for that nice patio furniture? Maybe an outdoor fire? Or how about nice patio chairs? There are definitely sales in this area due to the colder weather being right around the corner. Also check out patio pillows!

Shorts and Dresses

Summer fashion trends are always unknown. Which is why I am emphasizing keeping it simple with investing in shorts and summer dresses (sundress). You might even add a few rompers here and there if they are your thing. If not, dresses (sundress, midi styles, a-line) are always a great choice! (Similar white dress in pic here)

And there you have it! Super quick and simple recap on the items to add to your list if you are shopping for Summer Sales. I also highly encourage you to keep up with sales by using the app Rakuten Ebates where you can receive cash back especially if you shop online!

Do you shop in between seasons? What do you look for? Leave your comment below!

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