Traveling in Comfort and Style- Yes it's a thing!

Traveling in Comfort and Style- Yes it's a thing!

Summer has arrived!

Yesterday was the first day of Summer and as we inch closer to school being out, and the Summer vacation begins…I wanted to share a certain style that I tend to stick to when I travel.

I realized during September for Fashion Week that I travel very basic. I had arrived to New York tired from the super early morning flight and I waited for my friend to arrive. When she arrived, she was all dolled up! Looking fabulous! She looked ready to go straight to her first fashion show. I admired her effort and although I wish I could be that way, the truth is I’m not. It’s very hard for me to travel in heels, or wedges and I usually reach for sneakers or sandals. Comfort is the first priority, followed by style.

Yes, I do still want to look “cute” and well put together, however that is often the challenge. How do you look stylish while still traveling comfortably? I am about to provide some ways to make this easy for you for your next trip.

Casual Style with Vanessa in Dallas

Elevate your Pieces

I started to change up my casual wear a bit to include piece that were a “step-up” from your norm. Take a look at the things that you grab for when you are traveling (i.e. t-shirt, hoodies, pants, shorts, etc) and ask yourself, “how can I go make this look for fashionable?” the answer usually requires a subtle change. You don’t' have to elevate each item that you wear, but instead, focus on one item and then work your way through. You can start by ditching your print tees that you won in a raffle (you know which ones…) and wear a tee with a side pocket and v-neck. It’s a subtle change but it’ll make a huge difference. Also think about your accessories. instead of wearing no earrings, you’d be surprised what a small (but cute) studded earrings can do!

Shop the Look!

Stylish footwear

I am convinced that if you have the right pair of shoes, that is half the battle of looking comfortable yet stylish. For instance, instead of wearing tennis shoes…I found some sneakers that were in metallic, white, and even own a pair that has gold plastic straps as laces. Because I have included this type of stylish footwear, I now wear regular tenni shoes when I’m going to workout or walk my dog. These styles are vastly different from wearing one for vigorous exercise to one that is more of a “lifestyle” type shoe. If you are more into sandals, your typical thong sandals from Walmart are not going to cut it. A store that I visit that has some cute sandals is Target. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Target, but you can definitely start there! Try to find some sandals with a bit of embellishment or look for sandals in the colors of black, brown, or tan. Those are the styles that will probably last you the longest because you get to match it with different outfits.

Modern Travel Gear

You don’t need to spend a lot to look like you have the most expensive travel gear! I like going for styles that are classic in cut, and are spacious. For instance, a sleek style backpack, or a classic black medium size purse (one that has handles and offers cross-body), is going to add elegance to your look.

Casual Style with Vanessa in Dallas

Clean Lines and Colors

I like wear t-shirts and jeans when I travel. Or at least denim and a top to be completely honest. I did invest in some simple tshirt with a v-neck that are in the colors black, grey, white, and some with stripes. I did this because on some days I don’t feel like dressing up and those are the shirts that I grab for. I can’t tell you how many times I have paired them with my favorite high waisted jeans and sandals and I look put together. Even though on the inside i’m not feeling it! You can never go wrong with having a set of t-shirts that are specific for your “off” days and your travel days.

What do you usually wear when you travel? Leave your comment below! Until the next time!

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